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Inspirational Passage of the Day

The music goes along and reflects the development as well. Most songs have meaning and a story behind them. You are able to tell how the artist is feeling and what events were surrounding the creation of the song. “It’s All Over Now,” although it may be the title of The Rolling Stones hit song, they were also words muttered by one of the band members uncle. He had been dating a woman who was much younger than him. She kept running around on him and sleeping with various people. In the end the two always worked things out. They remained on and off again. Every time something would happen in which they would break up his uncle would mutter the words, “It’s all over now.” The song represents the pain that she brought him. The band members thought it was “silly” for him to keep letting her run all over him in such a way which is why the song was made country for a more fun, silly, lighthearted tone. The fun silliness of the song was meant to represent the thoughts the band had on the situation. “I’ve never tried to achieve anything. I achieved everything I wanted to achieve by being in The Rolling Stones and making records,” Keith Richards. For the Stones music has become more than just a hobby. It’s because a way of life. A burning passion that they feel like they must pursue. It’s something that has never changed. With all the band members that have walked in and out of the band, the passion and drive has always stayed the same.  


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