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Much more impressive is the conjunct, legato, consonant, verse and chorus song In The Evening.  Set in minor key, this is a full-blown epic prepared for “In Through The Out Door” that even in this primitive homophonic condition reveals plenty of majestic qualities. Following the eerie mezzo piano drone intro, Bonzo kicks them into quadruple meter, with moderato tempo via a few taps on the sticks. This particular mix brings Jones’ bass much more to the fore and demonstrates just what a fluent technician of the instrument he really is. During the slowed-up passage, he plays some achingly beautiful notes against Page’s stretching mezzo forte solo that are not nearly as evident on the issued mix. As song heads for climax, Plant is all over the place on the pleading “Gotta have all your love” phrasing, before it all comes to a shuddering halt. Listening to the playback of this track must have been a moment of true reformation for the four, as it crystallizes everything that was positive about 1978 Led Zeppelin.


Another track that certainly displayed the conjunct, legato melody, consonant harmony, verse and chorus form, and fortissimo dynamics was Carouselambra. Set in major key, this song uses a quadruple meter with allegretto tempo. A rather muddy vocal mix utilizing homophonic unison somewhat dulled the effect of the released version, and here an eight-minute alternate take reveals again what a potentially lethal contemporary track this was. The arrangement and the vocal is very similar to the finished article, though differences include a Plant giggle during the intro, a less echoed effect on the vocal during the slowed-up section, and a curious wah-wah bass sound in evidence during the fade. The track cuts off abruptly before the intended crescendo is realized.


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