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Katie Nielsen, a researcher at, wrote about this and gave her opinion on the matter. She voiced, “When it comes to multimedia, Apple iOS shines. Integration with iTunes provides quick and convenient access to new media that you can instantly download, while iCloud provides a central portal to manage all of your media on all of your Apple devices. Android offers something similar in Google Play, but if you’re already an iTunes user (as many of us are), you may find switching more hassle than it’s worth” (Nielsen). What Nielsen is saying here is that people that already use iTunes should not even attempt to switch to Android and try something new. On the one hand, I agree with her that iTunes and the multimedia world of Apple does shine. But on the other hand, I still insist that it is just as easy to get music and other multimedia on to an Android device. As a result, adding music is just as simple as a drag and drop just like adding or moving files around on a PC. My conclusion, then, is that switching from an iPhone with iTunes to an Android with Google Play shouldn’t be an ultimate deciding factor in the decision making process.


Having just argued that the operating system by Android is far superior, I want now to complicate the point by focusing on the durability of the phones and the customer service that goes along with it. I have many friends that have owned an iPhone. From this I have discovered that Apple products break extremely easily when dropped from short heights. My Android phone has fallen down steps been stepped on and fallen out of my pocket multiple times. As a result only a few minor scratches have occurred.An iPhone probably would have cracked after falling down the steps or out of a pocket. Oren Frank, expert on technology and blogger for the Huffington Post can relate. He agrees, “I bought one of the very first iPhone 5's and unfortunately smashed the screen. I then went to an apple store where they asked for $400 for the repair. I sighed, found a kiosk, and got it fixed for half” (Frank). Frank later goes on to explain “So I wanted to say goodbye and thanks for all the fish. I'm moving on” (Frank). By making this comment Frank urges us to avoid Apple because of his personal experiences with the company. Apple makes cheap phones and has terrible customer service to support all the problems. This supports my argument that Google is the better company to buy smartphones from than Apple.



There are two simple ways to download Brightkite on your Android phone.



In the Android Marketplace

On your phone visit the Android Marketplace Market. Search for Brightkite and click ‘Install’.


Alternatively, (on an Android phone ONLY) click here to open the Android Market


Scan the Barcode Below

Open the barcode scanner on your phone and scan the image below.