New Features: GeoRSS, Around Me Radius, Nearby Notifications and more

New Features: GeoRSS, Around Me Radius, Nearby Notifications and more…

May 2nd, 2008

Here I am inside fm_generate_button

Over the past two weeks we have added a handful of new features and improvements. Many of these have been a direct result of the great user feedback we have been receiving. Your feedback has been improving the product (we hope), so keep it coming; we are listening!

Below are a few of the new features we have added:

Brightkite GeoRSS Feeds

Place streams, user streams, and the Brightkite Universe stream now have GeoRSS feeds. The “Around Me” feed is coming soon.

Here is an example of my Brightkite GeoRSS feed:

Now here is a user feed if you only want to see only a user’s photos and notes:,photos

Here is an example of a Brightkite place feed:

If you throw your GeoRSS feed into the search box on Google Maps you’ll get markers for each post and checkin on the map. Look at this Google Maps example, or view your Brightkite GeoRSS chronologically. These are just a few examples of what you can do with Brightkite GeoRSS. We are excited about the many interesting possibilities around visualizing Brightkite GeoRSS feeds.

Business & People Search

You can now search Brightkite users by username or real name. Brightkite business search allows you to browse and check in at businesses.

Around Me Radius

You can now configure the radius of your “Around Me” stream. See activity around your location at varying degrees of accuracy.

Nearby Notifications

You can now set the radius of your nearby notifications, choose friends only or turn them off completely.

Twitter Geolocation

With Twitter sharing enabled, your Brightkite location can now update the location in your Twitter profile rather than potentially annoying your followers with constant check in updates.

Keep watch this week for the iPhone application and more details on the developer API.

As you can see we have been really busy and could use some help. Come work with us! We are hiring a Rails Developer, Flash/Flex Developer and Product Evangelist.


Posted by Brady Becker at 6:55 PM in Brightkite, Product, Twitter

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  • 442 weeks ago

These are really awesome improvements! Keep up the great work!





  • 442 weeks ago

So, ok. That GeoRSS trick in Google Maps? I had no idea you could do that. That was way too much fun.




Ben Jacob

  • 442 weeks ago

I have alredy submitted of an invitation to the beta.. But no replay from your bot/peoples. I would like to try this app




Jennifer Van Grove


  • 442 weeks ago

Okay this is some really great stuff. I've been impressed with how savvy you guys are since the first time I chatted with Martin. I'm really looking forward to everything else in works.

There's no link to a job description for the Product Evangelist. I might be able to help you guys out with that one. Happy to either help with the jd or help with the search via twitter and/or a blog post.





  • 441 weeks ago

Are you really in Palm Desert? If so, I'm right next door to you!!

Cool stuff, BTW!



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