Twitter posts now supported in the Brightkite Wall

February 23rd, 2009

The Brightkite Wall just became a more flexible tool for exposing the entire backchannel of chatter that takes place at conferences, events and venues – We’ve added support for displaying Twitter tweets in the Wall. Twitter hashtags plus Brightkite location posts aggregated in to one “text-to-screen-like” display, perfect for your next event!

For example, to see a Brightkite Wall showing all the Brightkite and Twitter posts from iPhoneDevCamp Colorado click here. This iPhoneDevCamp Wall is aggregating all Brightkite activity within a 200m radius of 2930 Larimer St, Denver CO (the event location) plus the Twitter hashtag for the event #iphonedevcampco (hashtags have no real location component). The result is the ability to see the entire backchannel chatter for the event.

To create a Wall, simply browse to First, configure your Wall by selecting the type (choose “Placestream” for events, conferences and venues). Next, set the location, configure the shortcode, and add a Twitter search term and/or hashtag if desired. Click Create Wall.

After your Wall is created you can display it fullscreen on any monitor, TV or projector. Since the Wall runs on RSS you can display the same Wall in multiple locations at once.

Want to use the Brightkite Wall for your event? It’s self-serve and there’s no need for your audience to have a pre-existing account. Anyone in the crowd can participate on the fly following by the simple call to action on the Wall.

Stay tuned for forthcoming Wall features such as customization, branding and custom public placemark creation (i.e.: @igniteboulder). As always let us know what you think…and if you have a moment Vote for us in the SXSW People’s Choice Awards.


Posted by Brady Becker at 5:42 AM in Twitter, Visualizations

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 Safe Kids Games 
November 23rd, 2009 at 20:31 | #1 
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Neat! Glad you guys joined forces.

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