User-created BlackBerry App Goes Open Source

June 1st, 2009

We really cannot thank Brightkite user Chris Hallgren enough for choosing to create a Blackberry application by himself, using our public API. BrightBerry , which is available here, has been quite the hit with our community — offering most of the basic functionality that makes Brightkite on the go so much fun.

Currently, you can use the app to:

  • View and navigate your streams (Friends, Nearby, Universe, Mentions, and User)
  • Post a Note to your current location
  • Check in to Placemarks
  • Send and receive Direct Messages
  • View and post comments on a post

You can also check-in via GPS and via Place Search, but both of those still need some tweaking. This is a big undertaking for one person, so Chris has decided to make the app open source and we’re hoping that there might be a developer or two out there with some free time that would be willing to contribute.

In addition to GPS and Place Search check-ins, the following things are still being worked on:

  • Posting photos from camera capture and media viewer
  • Sending and responding to Friend Requests
  • Creation of Placemarks
  • Viewing a Place Stream
  • Improving load times on streams
  • Creating a better GUI based on the iPhone app

We would love to see this become a full-featured application and we are reaching out to you, one of the best communities out there, to lend a hand to one of your fellow Brightkiters.

Again, a big thanks to Chris and all the hard work he has put into BrightBerry, he has certainly made a lot of our users happy.

Here are a few links with more information about the app:

Main Website –

GitHub Repository –

Brightkite Profile –


Posted by Lesley Yarbrough at 8:20 PM in API, Apps, Blackberry, Community

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  • 386 weeks ago

I can't download it on my Curve 8900. I go to and just see the webpage. Clicking the OTA link just reloads the page.


1 reply · active 386 weeks ago




  • 386 weeks ago

I just forwarded your issue on to Chris, he will be able to help you out. :)


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