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Log in and discover friends using Facebook Connect


February 10th, 2009


We just took our our Facebook Connect implementation a step further by enabling two great new features:


Log in using your Facebook account

You can now log in using your Facebook account. This means anyone with a Facebook account can log in to Brightkite with absolute ease. With a few clicks, you can start sharing your location, commenting on posts, posting notes and photos, etc …and it even allows new visitors to bypass sign up.




Discover your Facebook friends already on Brightkite

In addition to discovering friends via Gmail, Twitter and Yahoo, we’ve added the ability to discover friends via Facebook. This allows you to easily extend your social circle and combine the power of location with your established network of Facebook friends. To discover friends already on Brightkite and invite others to join visit Discover & Invite Friends.




Keep watch for more Facebook Connect additions over the coming months. Have ideas or suggestions pertaining to our implementation of Facebook Connect? Let us know.



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We’ve Added Maps to Our Facebook Integration


January 21st, 2009


Today we have released more updates to our Facebook Connect integration. Now you can display map thumbnails in your news feed. Its a small but useful addition that makes it easier to share your publicly visible locations with your Facebook friends. Learn how to enable maps below.




To display map thumbnails in your news feed you need to enable full stories on Facebook. Here’s how to do it:


First be sure your Facebook sharing is enabled here. Next, visit your authorized applications page and click Edit Settings for Brightkite.




Finally, in the Edit Brightkite Settings pop up window select the option to allow Brightkite to publish specific story sizes automatically and select full. Click Okay.





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Share Photo Posts to Your Facebook Album


January 7th, 2009


We’ve fixed some bugs and made various improvements to our Facebook Connect implementation. You’ll now see the option to share photo posts to your Facebook album. Hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do and keep watch for more Facebook Connect additions over the coming weeks.


Update your Facebook sharing options here.





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Brightkite and Facebook… now Connected


December 29th, 2008


Today we are excited to announce the addition of Facebook Connect! Some of you may have noticed Facebook Connect (beta) live on the site for a few weeks, with your help we worked out the bugs and today it is official.


What is Facebook Connnect and why does it matter? At a basic level it lets you easily share what you are doing on Brightkite with all your friends on Facebook. With this release you can update your Facebook status and/or publish your location, notes and photos directly to your news feed.


Connect your Facebook account now:


On Brightkite visit your Account Settings, click on the Sharing tab.

Authorize Facebook by clicking the link next to all 3 steps.

Choose your Facebook cross-posting options and click save.

This of course is just the beginning, there is much more to come in terms of Brightkite/Facebook integration. In the meantime stay tuned by connecting your Facebook account, becoming a fan of Brightkite on Facebook and letting us know what you think.


NOTE: While authorizing Facebook it’s important to complete all 3 steps.







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