0 Examine The Development Of Ideas And Language In Henry Vs Agincourt Speech

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This speech of Agincourt is a speech that King Henry V delivers before the historic battle of Agincourt. Henry is trying to rally his forces and motivate his soldiers. Henry's forces are few with little weapons and equipments. Whereas in contrast to this the French forces are well equipped with a great number of soldiers. The English soldiers are feeling nervous and Henry seeks to encourage them and "˜conjure up the blood'. On the French side there is a lot of self-confidence, optimism and boasting. Henry expresses his passion and love for England and talks about honour, bravery and valour in fiery oratory. Henry has already prayed to the Almighty God before the battle and is hoping for the best if God is on his side, which he believes. Henry has already emerged victorious at Harfleur and is hoping for a similar victory.Henry starts off his speech with talk of death, patriotism and honour. Henry begins off with these three factors as they play a vital part in battle. Henry seems to have a very carefree attitude towards death. He says "˜If we are marked to die we are enow'. This will bring about some courage in the soldiers and take away the feeling nervousness as Henry uses such an attitude of care freeness. Henry then goes on to talk about honour. He twists the situation of few men in a clever way by saying "˜the fewer men, the greater share of honour'. He makes out as if it is good that there are few men as this, then each of them will have a greater share of honour. Henry also talks about patriotism as he says "˜to do our country loss'. In this opening part of the speech we can see happiness, pride, optimism and confidence and these are the sort of things Henry wants to establish in his soldiers.In the second section of the speech Henry uses a conflict between honour and Gold. He does this by preferring honour to gold and therefore showing the people that he'd rather go into battle and honour himself and his country rather than greed for gold. Henry says that he does not care for wealth and how many people he feeds. He says "˜By Jove, I am not covetous for gold, Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost'. Here we can see an image of a rich king who doesn't care about his money being formed, an image of a king throwing away his money to his subjects. Conflicting with the gold Henry talks about honour. Henry says "˜But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive'. He uses the word "˜covetous' both times (once to covet gold "“ that he is not covetous and once for honour-that he is covetous). This shows that they are conflicting and Henry is trying to tell the people that honour is more important than gold. He is trying to show the people that he is not attacking France for wealth but for regaining his honour.This section connects us to the previous one as Henry tells the soldiers to fight for honour and not to lose such a great honour fighting for your country. Henry urges the soldiers in...

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