Nudity And The 21st Sextury Essay

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Nudity and the 21st Sextury
The very subject of nudity is instantly a known topic when involving many different subjects. It will grab someone’s attention even in the most difficult setting. When you are referring to nudity you are referring to not only power, but also vulnerability. It is especially known for its power in the music industry ever since the beginning of MTV. While MTV is now known for its reality TV shows, in its prime it brought attention to something truly unique which is the music video. In that time MTV set the stage for the evolution of music channels by allowing other genres to branch off.
In this paper I aim to explain the aspect of nudity and sexuality in relation to music videos and how nudity time has become a normal occurrence within music videos.. So these are some of the questions I have to ask. Is the saying “sex sells” really true in regards to nudity and music videos? Are Artists using the tool of nudity to alter or to emphasize the meaning of their songs by visual effect? In what way/ways is nudity perceived as a better choice when in regards to marketing and overall subjectivity?
Let’s start by setting our glance into the 1970’s. There were music videos that existed but they were isolated overseas mainly in Europe and so the United States really had no grasp of the music video. The normal at the time was staying up late to view the “Midnight Special” hosted by “The Wolf Man” which were mainly live performances by bands at the time. It wasn’t until 1981 that the first music video was rolled out in America. The clip was of the Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” and with the debut of the video also came the beginning of the media madness involved with music television.

It didn’t take long for MTV to take off by the helps of big name singers like Michael Jackson and David Bowie. Though this was great for publicity, curiosity influenced a deeper look into the matter. In the knowledge of most modern music researchers, we are aware of the past ways in which sexuality through music was presented. You hear within the musical lyrics whispers and hints that were subtle but understandable. In 1990 researchers found that this was no longer the case. They found in 89% of MTV’s Videos, there were signs of hip thrusting, crotch grabbing, and long lip licking. Since their motive was to target young adolescence, they were only allotted so much to get away with.
The problem was people began to connect more with the symbols of the videos rather than the music itself. The evolution of the Internet hits the music industry and within a few years MTV is faced with a crippling effect on their consumer traffic. They have no choice but to begin experimentation by introducing reality T.V. to keep their customers entertained. The internet redefined how music is presented by allowing consumers to enjoy it on their terms.
The artists were also a part of the movement because they were putting more time into the internet. They didn’t...

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