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Biography On Usain Bolt Essay

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Watching the Olympics is like watching amazing physical feats unfold before your eyes. Bars are set, limits are broken, and every person who got there has a story of perseverance and dedication, but the one which appealed most to me was the story of Usain Bolt.
Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica August 21, 1986 with a severe spinal condition. Even then he didn’t let that hold him back. As he was he was growing up he started become an all-around athlete that excelled in every sport but had a particular interest in badminton. He had always been exceedingly exceptional at running and participated many youth tournaments but until one of his coaches took him under his wing and began to train him he began to thrive in the event. It was then that his actual success began but that is also when the critics came as well. In Jamaica sprinting is a very serious sport and not without a reason many Jamaican sprinters have gotten at least one medal in the careers and many of them broke world records. At the time Usain Bolt became part of the Jamaican track and field team he had a lot track stars that he had to beat to earn any respect as a Jamaican sprinter or his career would fade away to dust. His most noticeable opponent is Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake, and Tyson Gay. Each of them he has lost to at least once but after each one of those losses, he shook it off, trained harder and harder, and beat each of them at the next track meet. Like moths attracted to a flame they began to question whether or not Usain could had actually completed breaking the sprinting record without using artificial enhancing drugs. Then he did what everyone thought was impossible break the sprinting record with his irregular height for a sprinter, without sustain damage to himself, and without using drugs. Like moths attracted to a flame they began to question whether or not Usain could had actually completed breaking the sprinting record without using artificial...

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