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Computer Vision Syndrome

The very first obvious rule of using a computer is that one has to look at the screen. Since eyes are just like any other muscle group, with prolonged they can become weak and even get injured. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a condition caused by focusing eyes at a computer screen or other display screen for prolonged uninterrupted periods of time (Computer vision syndrome, 2017). Symptoms of CVS include headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, eye strain, dry eyes, dizziness, polyopia and difficulty refocusing. These symptoms are not constant and can become worse due to external factors such as lighting and air-flow in front of eyes. CVS is very similar to carpal tunnel syndrome when it comes to the cause of the problem. Whereas carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of the same movement with your hands, CVS happens because eyes have to follow the same path over and over again for long periods of time (What Is Computer Vision Syndrome, n.d.).

Since computers are relatively new, research in the field of computer caused health problems is still being done, however CVS has been researched by countries such as USA and Malaysia. Research conducted in both the countries had very similar findings. With prolonged use about 90% of the users reported having one or multiple symptoms associated with CVS. According to American optometric association (AOA) most common symptoms of CVS such as eyestrain, headache and dry eyes can become worse due to pre-existing vision problems such as...

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