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Introduction To Management - Assignment 1

First of all, we should start by saying that Got Junk? is more of a new organization than a traditional one. However, we can not consider Got Junk? as a complete new organization because there are some dimensions which show us that Got Junk? has a traditional side as well. For instance, the company is stable and has permanent jobs. Moreover, the employees work with the typical hours of operation. The executives that we will talk about soon, were hiring employees based on their qualifications not on their quotes. Therefore, as we see here, Got Junk? has a traditional side by its new organization look.

We said that Got Junk? is more of a new organization than a traditional so we should talk about how Got Junk? is a new organization. The company looks very modern. It is dynamic and the employee’s skills are very important for the workforce. Team is very important for the organization and work is team-oriented. The company also has lateral and networked relationships. When it comes to hiring employees for the company, it is very important to consider leadership skills, tenacity, goal driven personality, attention to detail, flexibility, having computer skills and being open to changes are some of the important details employees should have.

Therefore, as we mentioned before, Got Junk? is more of a new organization than a traditional because of the dimensions that we talked about and the company’s relaxed and supportive nature. According to the article, there are three executives who have been very important for the company especially as an organization. These are Brian Scudamore, Jerry Gratton and Cameron Herold.

Brian Scudamore is the founder and the CEO of Got Junk?. His functions are planning and organizing, leading, commanding and controlling. Brian Scudamore is a charismatic leader and this quality made him more capable to lead the employees. He is the one who started the business and made it a big company. Therefore, he had a dream, a goal and he has reached that goal. That makes Scudamore a goal oriented leader and he was able to determine what he needed to accomplish his ideas. He is the boss, the owner. However, he is a humble person and he is open to discuss and get other people’s ideas for the company’s future. He is knowledgable and expertise in his field. He is also good...

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