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1 Burge Argument Writing Graphic Organizer

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Fracking is when a gas and oil company extracts natural gas from the ground, in a layer called the Utica Shale. They have to drill in a vertical direction into the ground, then releasing natural gas.

Fracking is the process of when natural gas gets produced. That save gas environmentally.That’s beneficial.
If land does get leased and some of that land could be woods, if the oil company uses that land, then they’ll cut down the woods. That’s an environmental problem.
Fracking creates so many jobs...what could possibly top that?
Fracking does create jobs, but mainly manufacturing jobs, THAT many people want a job like that? Not that i’ve ever heard someone say they want to be a manufacturer, that’s not the definition of a dream job to me. That’s just the United States politically, I don’t here that the average amount of Americans are interested in those types of jobs. This was a conversation or debate on what would be like reality.

Methane can come from fracking. Methane can affect how we do and use stuff everyday because of carcinogens and Methane itself. Because of fracking and fracking causing Methane gas prices went up in free-fall. “The one thing that could slow the gas juggernaut is concern about methane leakage, which, because of CH4's high warming potential relative to CO2” According to the Methane leakage article chemicals are also causing Methane from the fracking process. “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reduced its estimate of methane leakage in its latest greenhouse gas inventory, even as fracking has grown spectacularly.” (Sweet online) Fracking can somewhat affect our atmosphere because a greenhouse gas is because it falls into the category of Methane, and also absorbs solar energy from the sun through radiation.

Methane can get into water, which is very unhealthy. Methane can cause carcinogens that can cause a deadly disease, cancer and also water can possibly get flammable because of methane too. In addition, The risks and challenges of extracting natural gas, and fracking, in particular, have been written about extensively, by my colleagues and in many other articles, lawsuits, and scientific studies. Given these challenges, it is astounding to discover how much natural gas we are wasting every day, either through burning or poorly managed leaks. By reducing this waste, we can clean the air and water, cut global warming pollution, and, as is the case when we become more efficient--make...

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