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1. Eu Directives In The Region. ‘Hot Potatoes’ In The Area In This Respect

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The focus of this part of the paper is the formal inclusion of subnational authorities to the process of implementation of EU regulatory policies (in form of directives). Next section will briefly overview work done on transposition and compliance of EU directives in NPDC region.
Besides EU directives concerning anti-discrimination measures, culture, intellectual property, safety and privacy, there is a cluster of environmental directives affecting spatial planning in the region to which attention will be paid further in this paper.

Water framework directive (WFD)
This framework directive (2000/60/EC) was a new milestone in the integrated water policy. By 2015, groundwater and water from rivers, lakes and canals, as well as coastal and transitional waters must have evolved towards a good status. The states and regions are responsible for the implementation of the WFD. However, the WFD requires the Member States of the international districts to coordinate the management plan and the programs of measures established by each of the parties.
It is obvious that the national state remains the main actor in implementation of this directive. For instance one of the main documents providing framework for water management was Treaty of Ghent signed by French government in order to implement the obligation for multilateral coordination in international river basin districts. In case of NPDC Scaldit project held under INTERREG III should be mentioned as an example of complex river basin management in the region.

Marine strategy framework directive (MSFD) and integrated coastal zone management
MSFD requires European Union member states to take all the necessary steps to reduce the impact of activities on the marine environment in order to achieve or maintain good environmental status in this area by 2020 at the latest. This environmental directive adopts an ecosystem-based approach to the marine environment, in connection with the Habitat, Fauna and Flora and Birds Directives and the Water Framework Directive.
However, it is important to mention national scheme to protect marine areas in France which makes a legal framework for regional actions in this field: Law for Nature Protection (1976), The marine biodiversity...

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