1. Explain Class Stereotypes; Include The Boundary Class, Entity Class And Control Class.

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The class stereotypes are specially used to identify classes in analysis and early design. Apart from giving process to finding the classes, class stereotypes any affect only a specific area because this stereotyping results in a robust object model.
The first class stereotype is boundary class. The boundary class used to model interaction between the system's surroundings and its inner workings. The boundary class interaction is involves transforming, translating events and noting changes in the system presentation. This class also model the parts of the system that depend on its surroundings. There are also class’s uses to model the parts that are independent of the system's surroundings such as entity classes and control classes. With that, the changing of communication protocol (GUI) mean changing only the boundary classes, not the entity and control classes. The boundary class also use to clarify the system's boundaries. With that, this class make it easier to understand the system. This class also providing a good point of departure for identifying related services for aid design. For example, we will soon see that we must also model the formatting of printouts if we identify a printer interface early in the design. The boundary class also use for handling the interaction with the users or external components. This is because the class typically map to JSP or JSF pages such as in web services. The boundary classes have several types in a system is user interface classes, system interface classes and device interface classes. The meaning of the user interface classes is the classes which intermediate communication with human users of the system. The boundary class representing the system interface classes because the classes which intermediate communication with other system and...

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