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The characteristics of writers are success involves a lot of respect, personal growth , and other internal measure of value , religious , cultural values and other various external factors. All of these things are integrated in a writer who play a role, the most important thing is something spiritual ecology , especially writers emotional experience . Some people did not go through advanced , standardized training , but it has also become a good writer . However, In fact, we should understand that for writers , for their spiritual ecosystem Writers cause is very important. Writers this business with other line of business there are many differences, a scientist may be very pale spiritual ecosystem , and may even be very naive. From the beginning of creation point of view, any phenomenon of life , only to turn into a person's psychological phenomenon later , in order to ultimately translate into literary phenomenon . Spiritual and emotional feeling and perception of this phenomenon is the only way that only certain feeling accumulation.
Is to write the ways of the world . So as a writer, would have to understand the ways of the world , and to see through it , which is the accumulation of emotions . Want to be a writer , it must have a way to experience a variety of emotions forms, the ability to discern a variety of ways of the world . In fact, human well-being , morals difficult to appreciate , which is actually about people kind of quality training is give people a living training, and writers should be reflected among the most sensitive person. If a writer sensitive to insensitive , then he will not be able to write in the works in reality most realistic side.

Independent writes are able to experience various trainings and preparation , but will eventually need to be a writer who should know how to discern suffering from life's lives. Life is like a play, only at the bottom will be able to appreciate some of the behind the scenes of the real thing. Because a person 's experience of suffering or bottom to get some tempered in life , then that person is not even an emotionally sensitive person would become very deep and sharp, even of Health issued a number of rich imagination . There is to be able to develop a talent, imaginative talent. Although divorced from the reality of the work is a failure, but if the reality of literary works only repeats that is meaningless. In the literature , you can put a person in real life situation , to be in the fantasy world of imagination and creativity . Plus unreal reality , the only way to write vivid , touching artistic works. Another literary creation is a work of high intelligence . Only a lot of reading books and do all kinds of hard preparatory work, the creation of the future to be able to have a good start. Writers this business is always an individual work, very hard , very difficult to get outside help , even if there cannot be complete remission writers such labor to bring mental tension and...

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