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1. Learning From The Course Essay

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Throughout this course I have learned that are many different types of disabilities. In the beginning of this course, I thought only the people who have physical and learning disabilities or mental problems were consider in the group of person with disabilities. And after learning about counselling with the special needs population I came to understand that there are many more kinds of disabilities, for example people who have sensory and psychiatric were also regard as person with disabilities. In 1995 Employment Equity Act was passed, it encourages employers to establish working conditions that will allows people who have special needs to work in the environment and promotes employment ...view middle of the document...

But in the end she hired her because she was capable of doing the job and other staffs were ok in working together with her. The person who she hired told us that she was able to communicated with fellow staffs and students by emails, writing down messages and using the technology tools. I learned that when you are communicating with a person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, you should make eye contacts with them while talking to them, speak to them normally in your own normal tone or voice and use gestures or gist to tell them what you are trying to say, and lastly use a pen to write down your messages.

The positive space presentation was given by Viveh Shraya from the Diversity Equity and Human Rights Services at George Brown College. Viveh talked about LGBTQ communities which are the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, queer and questioning. And their mission is to make people aware of sexual and gender diversity and equality in personal spaces. Before this presentation I did not even known there is Diversity Equity and Human Rights Services on campus and what is positive space about. I know that there is a lesbian or gay community and it is legal for them to get married here in Canada. I thought, there is loads of LGBTQ community exposure in media that the people who lives here will be more acceptable of their sexual and gender diversity. But after hearing Viveh's presentation I came to understand that they also needs people's supports, admirations, appreciations and celebrations of what they are. I learned that you should not discriminate them because of their sexual or gender preference, treat them equally and speak out when you see discrimination that is against them. During the presentation Viveh...

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