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1) The Study Of International Business Is Fine If You Are Going To Work In A Large Multinational Enterprise, But It Has No Relevance For Individua

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Globalization has changed the world economy. Most of the small companies cannot ignore any events that occur outside their borders this is because of what happened in one country an impact on the rest of the world has. Individuals who work for small companies that believe they can act independently is not a realistic people, but they are myopic and have narrow minded. Actually, the study of international business is relevant to all people who are in the business world does not matter whether the organization is a large or small organization. The first reason is that so many things are imported from other countries. In the example, closing a deal in China will be a very different process than ...view middle of the document...

The international business activities include the marketing of promotion, the manufacturing of product, mining and farming. In another meaning, international business is all the practices a business in a single country but in international level. For my opinion, it is nothing related between study international business and working in multinational enterprise or small enterprise this is because “International Business” is the most interesting & important phenomena in the modern world. Most of the people know that “International Business” is necessary for the prosperity of the world. No one can prosper without performing the business in life except business, we cannot think a single moment in the modern world. As I know that no country is having sufficient resources, so what can they do? If they want to be sufficiently they must do a business. What business can be done by people for their livelihood? They can conduct international business with business across international borders. In this world “International business” is a buzzword that is “Globalization”. Every moment in our life is related to the business. For example Bangladesh is a small country, but they have a large population in their country, so to meet the increasing demand of the population, we need to perform the business to international at a greater extent.
Especially, we found the Engineering and Medical Universities but we cannot find the Business Universities in Bangladesh, So, this Business Universities is needed in the modern world of business. Each of the country should establish the Business University to get more students in business study for the prosperity of the country. This is because by establishing this University the country can introduce the student with world business process, the culture of business, the condition when doing the business and else.
In my observation, many students in this country working in a small firm even though they study the international business especially KPTMKL student. In fact, the most of the graduate students now work in a small and medium sized companies. While the big company may be the first to come to mind when the student think about the graduate recruitment only 14% of graduates join these company graduate training schemes. Why they work for a small firm when they study international business? For my opinion, many people, especially graduated student working in a small firm after finishing their study because many promotion prospects and job satisfaction was offered by smaller companies rather than multinational enterprises.
Besides that, the opportunity for work on their own initiative and work closely with the other people and to have own work noticed is high. Other than that, the employee can feel that they are making a real contribution to the business,...

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