1 Thessalonians. What Can We Discover From The Letter About The Circumstances In Which It Was Written, The Thessalonians Concerns And How Paul Addressed Them.

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The background.St. Paul was a Jew, brought up in the Greek city of Tarsus, a member of the pharisaic party, educated in Jerusalem to be a rabbi, so zealous for the law that he persecuted Christians relentlessly until; on the road to Damascus he had an encounter with the lord Jesus, was transformed completely and became the apostle to the gentiles.It was only twenty years or so after the ascension of Our Lord and about 51 C.E. ' that he wrote the first letter to the Thessalonians from the city of Corinth. It is the oldest Christian writing in existence today and gives us a glimpse into the very beginnings of Christianity.A few months before he had crossed from Troas to Macedonia, bringing the gospel from Asia to Europe. From Philippi Paul went on to Thessalonica, Berea, Athens and then Corinth.- At the council of Jerusalem: it was agreed that Paul should continue his ministry among the Gentiles (Acts15)- Paul begins a second tour among the Gentiles, first revisiting the churches that he had already founded (Acts15.36)- Paul wanted to head north in Asia Minor. (Acts 16.8)- The vision of the Macedonian man (Acts 16.9-10)- Mission of Paul and Silas in Philippi (Acts 16.11-40)Where he is beaten, whipped, put in chains and sent to prison. Realising that he was a roman citizen they freed him. But he had to move again.The circumstances;- Paul and Silas go to Thessalonica (7.1)- Paul goes to the synagogue and discusses scripture with the Jews (Acts 17.2-3) He preached for three Sabbaths (acts 17;2) (people went to the synagogue three times a week at that time, although he may have preached in the temple daily, but he probably stayed longer with the gentiles, to convert so many.- First converts, some Jews, some pious pagans (proselytes) and some women of Thessalonian high society (Acts 17.4)- Paul and his co-workers expelled from Thessalonica (Acts 17.5-9)- Paul and his team head for Berea (Acts 17.10).The hostile crowd from Thessalonica followed Paul to Berea so he went to Athens. (Acts 17.14-15)Worried about his fledgling church he sent Timothy back to Thessalonica to strengthen their faith see how they were coping.Timothy came back to Paul, (3:6,) and brought him good news of their faith and love, but said they were struggling with certain questionsFrom Athens, Paul goes on to Corinth, and works, making tents and perhaps sails for ships, (in Aquila's big sheds?) and resumes his work of preaching.Thessalonians concerns;Q.1. There was a small group who slandered Paul and said the only reason he preached was to get what he could out of it. (2:5, 9) Some accused him of being a dictator. (2:6, 7, 11.)Q.2. They were worried about sexual morality (Thessalonica was under Roman rule, and was known for the cult of Dionysus and Cabirus, both of which promote fertility, sensuality, and phallic symbolism, other prominent cults were the Greek pantheon, the emperor cult, Isis, Serapis, Osiris, Mithra and the aslcepius cult. / (4:3-8)Q.3. Some believers had stopped...

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