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The 10,000 Rule In Outliers By Marcus Gladwell

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Even when one has a rough childhood and upbringing, they are able to take all of these hard times and turn them into motivation to work harder to improve not only their lives, but their family and friends lives. Through this hard work and dedication comes the 10,000 hour rule. Marcus Gladwell is a very well-known author, writer, and speaker from The New York Yorker; his first four books were on the New York Times best seller list and in 2005, Time magazine named Gladwell one of its 100 most influential people. Because of Gladwell’s outstanding achievements and background, it furthers his readers to believe that he is a very credible and knowledgeable resource. Gladwell’s purpose in writing Outliers is to teach and inform the audience about what an outlier really stands for and how some people become an outlier from a young age. Gladwell’s main audience is people around the world that are interested in the statistical studies. Gladwell, through the use of several rhetorical devices and examples is effectively able to express what it takes to be successful through the 10,000 hour rule.
To get overall effectiveness, Gladwell arranges and explains the 10,000 hour rule by using multiple outside studies for examples to support his explanation, and also uses cause and effect to reinstate that if you put your work in and reach the 10,000 hour mark that you will be at an advantage and have a better chance at becoming an outlier. With the background and accomplishments that he has been able to accomplish, Gladwell makes it easy for the reader to believe that he is a reliable source of information with his ethical persuasive appeal. Gladwell strengthens the argument through the ethical appeal by using his authority and knowledge to get his point across on the 10,000 hour rule. Gladwell does a very nice job of presenting his theory of the 10,000...

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