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10 Killer Headline Templates And Why You Should Use Them!

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Today, the average person is exposed to over 30,000 messages a day. That's 29,999 other articles, content, and information clamoring for your target audience's attention. Creating copy that converts readers into customers doesn't just require epic, informative copy, it requires standing out in the crowd.

Considering that only twenty percent of your audience click-through headlines into the article, focusing on creating killer headlines is a simple way to expose more readers to your content. Thankfully, creating great headlines doesn't require the patience and time required for writing great copy. Most the work is already done! Follow these tried and true headline templates to convert more ...view middle of the document...

Readers want to know what's trending and lists are a perfect way to provide that information. As an added bonus, lists allow content marketers to use subheading in a natural way to increase readership.

Do You Want Great Headlines?

Addressing the reader directly with a question is a great way to grab the attention headline skimmers and convert them into readers. By asking the audience a question directly, the reader will almost automatically answer. Headlines with questions engage the audience on a personal level.

Do You Want to Save 5 Minutes By Using These Headline Templates?

This slight variation on the previous headline attracts readers based on value. Whether it's saving 50 percent on their next purchase or losing ten pounds, giving the audience a tangible saving that intrigues and fascinates readers. A value-based headline allows readers to

The Secret of Headlines

The saying goes that secrets don't make friends, secrets make best friends and that holds true when it comes to headlines. Audiences want to know something special. No one is clicking through to an article because it has information they already know or boring information. They want to learn something. Secrets allow audience members to feel like they are on the inside track of an industry.

Here's a Quick Way to Create Headlines

In today's society, saving time is more important than ever. People are moving faster than ever and accumulating stress from trying to crunch all...

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