10 Of The Greatest Essays On Writing Ever Written

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ADIL LATIF135 E1 Wapda Town Lahoreask4aadil@hotmail.com03319411135Career Objective:Seeking a position where I can utilize my knowledge, abilities and Personal skills while being resourceful, innovative and flexible that offers professional growth along with the organization.Educational Qualifications:

Name of the Institution

Year of Study



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Punjab College of Commerce

2007 - 2009


Technical skills:Operating Systems : MS-DOS, WIN 98/2000/XP/7/8/Mac
MBA (Marketing)

University Of Central Punjab

2012 - Present


Applications : MS Office 2007Personal Skills:Always owed with "can-do spirit".Decision-making leadership, acceptance of responsibility and evidence of team-work.Quick learner, resourceful, productive, and with good sense of humour.Comprehensive problem solving abilities.Hard worker while creative.Able to work independently, as a part of team, able to vaporize and grasp new things quickly.Academic Honours and Extracurricular:Was Nominated as Dupity Headboy in Sadiq Public School in 2005Member of the School Cricket team in Sadiq Public SchoolMember of the Horse Riding Club in Sadiq Public SchoolParticipated in the Annual badminton Tournament in University and stood 3rdPersonal Skills:Date of Birth 14-031987Address 135 E1 Wapda Town LahoreGender MaleMartial Status SingleDeclaration:I here by declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.Adil Latif

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This is an essay on one of my favorite books written by one of the greatest authors Ray Bradbury

735 words - 3 pages they are. One of the underlying realiztions that is shown throughout the book and especialy in the resolution, sticks hard in my mind. It is simply that we all must help each other to not forget, to ask why in life, and should someone forget intellect, and suffering, or awareness and realization, we must be there to help them stand back up. If we all sit down, no on will be able to see the top of anything ever again, and if no one can, no one can

The Internet: The Greatest Invention Ever

1020 words - 4 pages the personal time and could rush a purchase, and cause the company to deny a deal. The internet has come along way since its birth back in 1969, from its start as a government network to the everyday life; it has proven to be one of the greatest inventions ever discovered. It has helped many people with an array of task ranging from everyday government usage, and personal web pages to the ever so expanding horizons of technology still being produced today. Between the good and the bad, the internet has improved the way of life, and will continue to improve throughout time.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

810 words - 3 pages The Greatest Man that Ever Lived Everyone has a hero in their lives, someone who they look up to: someone very special. This person plays a very important role in your life. As a child, this person teaches you an array of life lessons that stick with you throughout your whole life, from learning how to walk to buying your first home, this special person guides you in all aspects of life. Throughout your journey in life, this idol’s experience

Written Response of Writing

823 words - 4 pages Writing has been a part of humanity for around 6,000 years. Writers have written over 120,000,000 books, and each book, on average, contains around 100,000 words. Even though humanity has written so much in the world, there is a strange theory that it’s hard to find a good book. The most important aspect of good writing is that the writer is able to share their idea in a way so that the reader will remember what was said even after the text was

Short story written in the Monastic style of writing

486 words - 2 pages way back to his homestead with the chalice still in hand. While riding home from battle themselves, Sir Richard's three sons find their father lying on the ground; he only has enough breath in him to mutter the name of his killer. King Landis perished; King Alexander was crowned the new monarch.The next day, Sir Richard was ambushed by the three sons, and they carry on claiming him as their prisoner. They come up with his punishment, castration, and proceed to do so. The sons send Sir Richard home, where he spent several years without ever leaving the homestead. Sir Richard entered the monastery as Brother Richard.

Tiger Woods Will Become The Greatest Golfer Ever

636 words - 3 pages Tiger Woods Will Become The Greatest Golfer Ever The question on the mind of the golfing fraternity around the world is: Is Tiger Woods the greatest golf player of all-time? My strong opinion is definitely not. There are many reasons for myself adopting this point of view, and these include the fact that Woods has no strong resistance for him to be closely challenged from winning tournaments by multiple strokes, I feel although Woods is too

"Escape from New York": The Greatest Movie Ever?

1057 words - 4 pages Movies today are far too serious. Scripts and screenplays are written with the utmost attention to detail, leaving out any possible plot holes, character flaws or conundrums. These are bad movies, and they can be very entertaining without being good. Movies like "The Terminator", "Phantoms" or "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Movies that are inspiring and imaginative, in spite of obvious flaws, that add an element of cultic humour. One of my favourite

How Julius Caesar's actions of intelligence and leadership make him one of the greatest historical figures ever

2695 words - 11 pages must attack him and his troops at once, because if he did not, Pompey would return stronger than ever before, and take control of Rome once again. If that were to happen, it would most likely make Caesar hated by all, and would probably lead to his death. Therefore, he knew he must head to Spain at once."On the morning of August 9, Caesar (who had vainly sought battle for several days) saw the massing of [Pompey's] opposing armies [heading to

The 10 Greatest Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them!

5528 words - 22 pages The 10 Greatest Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them! Its a certain fact that business these days is more competitive than its ever been. To stay alive these days, you just cant just offer a quality product at a fair price. These days, you have to know how to market effectively. Unfortunately, most businesses have no idea of how to get the most out of every marketing dollar that they spend. You should demand that ou get the best results from

the 10 minute article writing technique

951 words - 4 pages The 10 Minute Article Writing Technique, Making Money at Home Talking of online earning from home techniques, making money at home by writing online is an option available to most of us, particularly those who have access to the internet from home. You are hard pressed for time and you may not have the creative spark at your beck and call, for you to switch on, at will. What if you write slowly and have a tendency to spell check obsessively

The Tiger's Rising (Tiger Woods) This essay is a short history on Tiger's journey from his childhood fame to becoming the the greatest golf player ever!

1126 words - 5 pages . His dream had come true. Tiger Woods had just received the title of being the greatest golfer in the world."Tiger" Wood's nickname comes from a Vietnam War buddy of his father. From the time his son was born, Earl always called his son "Tiger" in honor of a Vietnamese friend who was named Vuong Phong but known as Tiger because of his strong will and determination. Earl and Vuong fought side by side and on two occasions Vuong saved his life. He

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Expository Writing (Tell About The Greatest Gift You Have Ever Received Fictitious/Humor)

672 words - 3 pages gift I have ever received, and I am so grateful for it.Shortly after noon, on what appeared to be a normal day in the hood of Compton, I was making my usual pass by the corner store to purchase a couple of forties. On the sidewalk opposite of the street, I noticed an extremely attractive woman about 5'5" with perfect curves and caramel skin walking along, wearing an extremely revealing outfit. I watched in awe as she moved gracefully down the

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1191 words - 5 pages , but rather than show my reluctance and chance losing my only playmate, I pasted on a big grin of my own and followed him. We climbed the sloping lawn to the barn's entrance, where the doors, which were a color somewhere between grey and brown, stretched, from my viewpoint, to heaven. Johnny pulled on one door with all the strength in his puny body, but it refused to budge until I added my strength to his. Slowly, ever so slowly, it groaned a

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1066 words - 4 pages The Greatest Story ever told Arthur Miller is the author to The Crucible; a play set in Massachusetts during the witch-hunts of the 1690s. The townspeople accused others of being witches they would later be tried and hanged. If they agreed to being a witch they were to be set free. One main character is John Proctor. Due to his high pride, when he was accused, he would not give up his own name and say that he was a witch. He is a true tragic

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637 words - 3 pages tanning first arrived on the scene, it was quite a fad. People associated being tan with being healthy and sexy. Now it seems the pendulum has swung far in the other direction. Society in general is quite wary of tanning even though technology has vastly improved. The first tanning beds were not calibrated to ensure maximum tan and no burn. You could go for 30 minutes or more, and that just seems ridiculous now. Tanning has come down to a science