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10 Ways To Keep Word Press Site Safe From Hacking

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Illegal hacking is a serious offence. Google ‘prevent WordPress hack” and you will see more than 5 million results, which shows how people are worried about keeping their websites and blogs free from hacking. Is your WordPress safe from hacking?
Check out the following 10 ways to keep WordPress site safe from hacking:
Note: Wherever plug-ins is mentioned, they are applicable for paid WP sites. Free WP sites cannot install plug-ins.
Update to the Latest Version
WordPress intimates you whenever there is a relevant updated version of WP. Sometimes many of us tend to ignore it; however, these updates are important because they contain latest security fixes. By not updating WP, you expose the blog for hacking in future.
Change Password Often
This is an often overlooked feature. You should change your WP password at least twice a month. Try to make the password difficult to decipher by including both upper-case and lower-case letters, symbols, capital letters, and numerical. If the password is jumbled up, it becomes difficult for the hacker to break into it.
Moreover, if there is more than one WP user for the same blog, ask the other admin people to follow the same. Refrain from using names, birthdates, favorite movie names and others as your password.
Take Weekly Backup
You should have a backup of the entire WP database before and after you make any changes into it. You can either do this manually or you can use the Backup Buddy plug-in that will email you the backup of the entire database. By entire database, we mean everything like files, images, digital media and others.
If you are using this plug-in, do not forget to update it as and when the updates are shown.
Use WP Security Scan
It is one of the best WP security plug-in available. Install it on the blog and scan your blog every week. The scanner will scan the entire WP database and tell you if it finds any malicious codes or vulnerabilities. It will either say “You have the latest stable version of WordPress” or “You do not have a stable version of WordPress” and will list out the problems.
Username Change
The username with which you login to WP should be different from the username displayed on the WP posts. This is necessary because hackers will always target your username first and try to decipher the correct password. If the username is different then it complicates the process further which is exactly what you need.
You can change the username this way.
• Go to the Dashboard.
• Select Users.
• Select Profile.
• Make the changes and click Save.
Do not Display WP version and Plug-In Details
Never ever display what plug-ins you are using or which WP version you are using because it becomes easier for hackers to hack into your site.
To cover the WP version details, you need to modify,
” />

For plug-in list, check

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