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10 Years Beyond: The Role Of Biomedical Computing In Future Health Care

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10 Years Beyond: The Role of Biomedical Computing in Future Health Care

If one were asked to predict the future of medicine a decade ago, I am certain only the most optimistic of people may have gotten a few predictions right. The future of health care which is based of countless variables is difficult to predict but one thing is for certain that computation will one of the most crucial aspects of its progress. Be it diagnosis or treatment computational algorithms are ubiquitous. Advances in electronics and computer science are immediately being used for betterment of health care and solve its current problems such as high costs, disintegrated care and human errors.

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With the integration of many fields, the further dependence of genetics on computer science is only bound to an increase mainly because DNA is principally a linear code of proteins. Health care has already seen the acute reduction in the cost of sampling individual genomes. Following this reduction in cost will inevitably lead to more scalable technologies for recording and sampling parts of genetic information further enriching the world wide database of information. This will promote the availability of unique sample cases of genetic anomalies at the disposal of researchers around the world facilitating smoother research in diseases of a genetic origin. Recent advances in epigenetics are also helping develop a better understanding of how specific genes manifest themselves in affecting physical characteristics. The scientists will surely look to better manipulate these characteristics.

Computer aided diagnosis (CAD) will likely see more advancements even though the day that CAD systems overrule the judgements of the physician seem far away. Computer aided diagnosis systems are algorithms are use to mark regions of diagnostic images that might have a specific abnormality to alert Physicians. These systems use neural networks that learn and improve when provided with more information. A centralized database of case studies will allow not only more data for CAD programs to base their decision on but also expedite the development of new and improved programs. Availability of more information will help increase scrutiny on predictions of existing programs and further development of more refined diagnosis. With the help of genetic information of the patients CAD programs may be able to predict the probabilities of occurrences of diseases such as diabetes, cancers and their recurrences. This will be a firm step in the direction of personalized medicine. The access to the genetic data and sophisticated softwares that can analyse it will only induce a more personalized and predictive form of heath care. A more personalized predictive health care system will mean that mass ailments such as cancers and neurodegenerative disease will see sooner detection and treatment, making majority of these diseases curable.

Robotically aided surgery equipped with highly advanced Computer aided diagnosis algorithms will ensue the reduction of surgical mishaps and a more efficient surgical treatments. Biomedical Computing will be at the helm of any and all of...

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