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12 Domains Of Culture On Religion & Spirituality: Worship/Birth/Death/Life/Afterlife

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Due to people of various backgrounds immigrating in search of religious freedom, American religious and spiritual culture is very diverse in nature. Pagan religions and spirituality is not new to America. We see it represented in American holidays whether people realize it or not. Paganism has a rich multicultural background based on ancient people that has developed into the new traditions of today. (Harvey,1995) Many Pagans keep their religious preferences in secret due to fear of discrimination. Many have not come “out of the broom closet” because some people assume stereotypes of witchcraft, like devil worship, without further researching or understanding the religion. A subset ...view middle of the document...

Wiccans generally celebrate these holidays in a special ways.
Wiccans worship within sacred space. While the details of the celebration may vary, sacred space is a requirement. Sacred space is created where it is needed. Since Wiccans view the Earth as their church, sacred space may be created anywhere at any time. This circle can be physical or in the psychic realm, and is created for specific purposes. Most services are about finding balance within the world and connecting with the divine energy of the Goddess and the God. No devil is involved here. Tools that are normally required to be used during these services may include but are not limited to: salt, holy water, candles, incense, athame or ritual knife, wand, and statues of the divine feminine and masculine. These tools are a way to focus and facilitate the mind to achieve the psychic state necessary for the ceremony. (Covenant of the Goddess) Spells can also be done during these ceremonies. A spell is a formalized intention that petitions the divine for assistance. (Esoteric School of Shamanism) Once the ceremony is completed, the Goddess and God are called into food and drink that is then consumed by the...


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