12 Minutes First Person View Essay

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I was there at school, waiting for her to tell her the truth about how I felt about her. It felt like it was forever, but it was only 5 minutes. She came out of her class like a bee waiting to get out of thebeehive, but 5 minutes before she came out, I thought for about a couple minutes thinking back when I first had a real conversation with her other than in Algebra II class.It was 2 weeks before winter break in February. I was reading Ranma ½(a manga) when I saw her in the corner of my eyes in a corner in the library doing spinach homework. She looked familiar then I had remembered that she was in my Algebra II class. She's pretty smart in that class. I approached her and said " Hi, how you doing?You cool?" She says "Do I know you" Few moments later, she says "Oh yeah, you're Edward from Algebra II class" "Yes, that's right." I replied. I had forgotten her name, so I went "Your name's Jessica, right?"She replies, "Yup, that's me!" From that moment on I had spent 40 minutes talking about how she and I are from the Philippines. She can speak Tagalog and Visaya fluently while I can speak both of those only in bits and pieces. Half the time I didn't know what she was talking about because all I could focus on was her face. She's so beautiful. All I thought about was her personality is so different than people I hang with. She's so awesome I thought, while she was talking. Her smooth skin made me stare blindly at her more. Her smell,smelled like baby powder, which I happened to really like. She is so petite-looking, she weighed 90 pounds and is 5 feet and 3 inches. All I could do was smile and nod. It was very awkward, but then she talked about how she listens to a Filipino rock band, Parokya ni Edgar. I snapped back to attention and said " Woah, you listen them too?" "I like their song Harana, it's so touching and warm." "Awwww, me too I like that song too, I have it on my zen". "I have on my phone, Parokya ni Edgar is so cool". She nodded. She also said how she likes to listen to Lea Salonga, Regine Valesquez, Sharon Cuneta and many more Filipino singers. That's the number 1 thing we had in common, we like the same time of music. In my mind, I though about how I want to call someone "my girlfriend". I wanted someone who was cute, a personality that was different than many other people I had met and that have the same interests that I have. That person is to be her. I had to leave so I said bye and left. I thought that...

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