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12 Stages Of Love Essay

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My Twelve Stages Of Marriage When you asked this topic in class on Wednesday. This subject came to mind on what I follow in my own life. What I am going to touch base on is a sermon that Dr. James Dobson as given many times. When I heard the words and think about life of today and see all the miss haps of a marriage. Last I heard is that 6 out of 10 marriages these days result in divorce. The divorce word or any other words along that line should never be a part a marriage vocabulary. On what Dr. Dobson has said in this sermon that is something has a lot of truth to it. That people take the time and build each stage on a relationship that the out come should be much greater for a long lasting marriage.There are twelve stages that Dr. Dobson talked about. I am going to list those down and talk about of what I think it means to me. Each one of these steps listed allows each one to be a little more intimate with each other. Each step allows you to get closer to each other as the relationship goes one.The Eye To Body is the first step on meeting someone new. Eye to body is looking at the opposite sex for the first time. For example is looking at like eye color, hair color, how they carry them self's.The Eye To Eye is the second step on meeting someone new. Eye to eye is looking each on the eyes on passing the person by or on the other side of the room you lock eyes. By the time of this process is in the middle of it a spark start to begin. You do not know where it is going to go but you are still at step two.The Voice To Voice is the third step on meeting someone new. Voice to voice is the first stage on talking to each other. At first is taking the conversation at small talk and build up to be talking on a regular basis. Allow each other to beginning to share information with each other.The Hand To Hand is the fourth step on meeting someone new. Hand to hand is the first process of touching each other.The Hand To Shoulders is the fifth step on meeting someone new. Hand to shoulders is something like putting your arm around them. This may go along the line of giving a shoulder rubs and back massages. That is all it should go on this step. This process is not a romantic step yet with each other.The Hand To Waste is the...

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