12 Years A Slave: Analysis

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The City that never sleeps is always ready to welcome the opportunistic. New York is and has been for a while, a place of great opportunity, where those of all genders, sizes, religions and races can come together in a mutual understanding of diversity. From a very young age until the age of 33, Solomon Northup was able to live, breathe and truly be himself in this state. That was where he grew up, where he started his family and where he created his livelihood. This idea of opportunity and fortune was dashed once he misplaced his trust into the hands of two traveling performers who promised Northup great travel and money. Before he knew it, Northup wasn’t a free man anymore, he was staring down the face of the greatest evil of his time; slavery.
The process of buying and selling slaves is a tedious one. It begins with the seeking out of slaves, coercing them to follow. As soon as the seller has the trust of the soon to be slaves, they are tricked into signing a document that waives their rights to be free. They are then forced onto a ship that will take them to be sold. It is during this process that they must struggle to fight disease and their sadness. It could be that they were blind as to what was to come or that they couldn’t give up hope, but it is a wonder that suicide was not a commonality upon these steamboats. Northup tells of his plans with the fellow slaves to overthrow the captain and the crew members but this never comes to fruition. It is a shame that slaves didn’t know their own strength, especially in their numbers. There were times when the amount of slaves outnumbered that of the white man and too many times, the chance to run away or escape is not seized. If you were unlucky enough to survive the journey to the slave pen, you were even unluckier to not only know your pain, but also, the pain of others. Northup could not solely focus on his pain and the predicament he was in, but he also had to endure the wailing and sorrow of...

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