12 Years A Slave Movie Teachings And Relation To History Essay

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12 years a slave:

In my opinion, the movie is the story about man’s inhumanity towards the man. The movie is disturbing and makes one to think about the hardships, the inhumane conditions which the slaves faced. In spite of all these conditions Solomon Northup was able to survive and return to his family. He said in the start of the movie “I want to live and not just survive” and finally was able to live this statement. Due to his hope, he is able to leave such conditions. All the conditions of injustice such as man being treated as an object (sale/purchase like a property), showed in movie makes me feel sad and anguished.

The story is about an accomplished violinist Solomon Northup living with his wife and children in New York, he is lured by an offer of employment in a circus in Washington DC. Drugged and taken hostage, he wakes up to find himself clapped in chains. He suddenly becomes a slave from a free man. Northup endures a dozen nightmarish years in bondage.

The movie makes us realize that the slavery existed and we should never forget about our past and this is just one of the many untold stories which would have existed. It is the bitter truth of American History. This movie is completely based on the true events but there are some manipulations which we can see throughout to gain viewer’s interest such as:

At the beginning of 12 Years a Slave, the kidnapped freeman Solomon Northup, has a painful sexual encounter with an unnamed female slave, before turning away in tears. The woman's desperation, Solomon's reserve, and the fierce sadness of both, which documents a moment of human contact and bitter comfort in the face of slavery's systematic dehumanization. It's scenes like these in the film, makes you feel you have "actually witnessed American...

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