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During the course of this research, a total of four visits were made to Publika from November to December 2013. The dates of the visit were specifically planned in order to be able to observe the site under different settings; namely on a typical weekday and weekend with no formally organized event at The Square, and on a weekday and weekend whereby an event is formally scheduled to take place. The visits to site were planned in that manner as people’s behavior when occupying a space changes based on their surrounding context. Organized one off events may draw more people to a space however it is not a natural indicator of the existing situation on site. Based on observation, these events often occupy the entire square, preventing all other ongoing informal activities from happening due to the lack of space and increase of noise making the space unconducive for human interaction on a more personal level. These noisier environments however tend to attract solo individuals. The dynamics of interaction and occupancy of the square are affected by events; therefore it was essential to visit the site under the various different circumstances to achieve a broader and more natural catchment of information.

Day Date Time Weather Event at ‘The Square’ Action
Saturday 23rd Nov 9pm – 1am Breezy None Observation
Saturday 30th Nov 12pm – 7pm Overcast & breezy Food Bite Festival Observation
Tuesday 3rd Dec 3pm – 8pm Overcast & rain None Questionnaire
Tuesday 10th Dec 11am – 2pm Overcast & rain Female Empowerment Movement road show Questionnaire
Table 1.0 Data Collection Timetable
3.3. Questionnaire survey data collection procedure
A total of 20 questionnaire surveys were collectively distributed at The Square on the 3rd and 10th of December 2013. Individuals that appeared idle were prioritized in the distribution of the survey as they were more receptive in being approached and answering the survey. The questionnaire survey composed of general profiling questions followed by a series of multiple choice questions concerning the frequency and duration of visits and lastly open ended questions about user patterns, concerns and issues regarding the square. Due to the nature and formatting of the questions that were open ended, the procedure may be considered a mini interview. Each recipient took an estimated of four minutes to answer the survey as I manually wrote down their responses on their respective survey handout as they spoke. This allowed the survey to be quick with a 100% response rate. However, there was an imbalance of recipients in terms of gender. Therefore, an additional five surveys in a Microsoft word document were e-mailed out to female recipients with the criteria that they have previously been to The Square in Publika. The e-mailed surveys were successfully answered bringing the total number of surveys collected to 25.

3.4. Design of questionnaire

The questionnaire survey was essentially design to inquire data revolving...

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