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13 Reasons Why Section 1 Journal

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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is an amazing Novel that demonstrates how one little thing can have a snowball effect and evolve into something out of your control. Clay Jensen finds that out the hard way when he receives a mysterious package containing seven audiotapes with thirteen sides total. Each side contains another reason why his crush, Hannah Baker, killed herself. With each tape we get to learn how one little kiss and one little rumour had driven Hannah to her death.

So far I think that the book has been amazing. Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger and it makes you want to read more. By the end of the first section I was kind of frustrated knowing I wouldn’t be able to read more for a while. What got me going through the chapters is the amount of emotion in it. It is very dark and that makes you want to read more. I also think that the controversy over the topic of suicide is what interested me the most. In the novel we got to see how suicide and depression can effect different kinds of people. From Hannah’s perspective you get to see the side of the victim. Questions such as “Why would someone kill themselves?”, “What could be a potential reason?”, and “What is going on in the mind of a suicidal?” can be answered. From Clay’s perspective we get to see how suicide may effect the people that know a victim. The fact that we got two see both sides was very interesting. So far the book has not failed to impress my and I can’t wait to continue the novel.

The personality of each character is very different and somewhat interesting. Personally, I felt that Hannah was the most compelling character. She has so much going on inside and yet, according to Clay, she hid it really well as he was in utter shock about the fact that she, of all people, would commit suicide....

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