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1368 Essay

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The purpose of present investigation was to develop the dosage form containing metformin for both immediate and sustained release. The SR release tablets of metformin were not useful to control the fasting glucose levels whereas conventional metformin tablets cannot acts for prolonged time, But the tablets prepared by present method useful for control both fasting glucose levels and maintenance dose. Even though many combination therapies available in market as metformin for sustain release and other sulfonylureas for immediate release, The primary concern for considering metformin hydrochloride as monotherapy was its efficient activity, less cost and negligible cardiac risk factors. The immediate release dose was developed by direct compression method and sustained release beads were prepared by inotropic gelationmethod using sodium alginate and sodium CMC, CaCl2.
The various batches of directly compressed tablets with different percentages of sustained release beads were prepared and evaluated for various physical properties and dissolution profile. Hardness of tablets was decreased and percentage loss in friability is increased as concentration of beads in tablet increased. All the parameters are within range for tablets containing micro beads up to 35% thereafter loss in friability and hardness are not within range.
Keywords: Metformin Hcl; Immediate release; Sustained release beads; sodium alginate; sodiumCMC
The successful optimization and development of drug entity, design of dosage form plays important role. The design of effective drug delivery systems has recently become an integral part of the development of new medicines. Hence, research continuously keeps on ways to develop suitable drug delivery for particular disease. Diseases like diabetes need much attention than others since the glucose levels tends to increase after meal and these glucose levels should maintain for whole the day for proper body activity1, so an effective dosage form needed which can sub stand for both fasting glucose levels and maintaining glycemic levels all the day. The present dosage form is effectively useful in this case since it contains both immediate release dose for maintaining fasting glucose level and an SR dose for better glycemic control in diabetic starter patients and pre diabetic patients.
The main problem faced in the treatment of type II diabetes mellitus...

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2277 words - 9 pages of China, 1368-1953. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1967.3. Hooker, Richard "The Opium Wars" [online] Avaliable:, 1996 4. Ip, David Fu-keung. The Design of Rural Development: Experiences from South China, 1949-1976. British Columbia: University of British Columbia Press, 1979 5. Lai, Chuen-Yan David. Home country and clan origins of overseas Chinese in Canada in the early 1800s

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