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14 February 2016 Impact In Huckleberry Finn: The Influence Of Miss Watson Honors English 10 Essay

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Jon Sherman Comment by Jonathan Sherman: Dr. McGill, I'm sorry i went over the word count, however, I feel as if the length adds much more depth and structure to the essay as a whole.I'm approximately 100 words over and I do realize that you must grade and comment on a bulk of these, once again, I sincerely apologize for this small discrepancy.
Dr. McGill
Honors English 10
14 February 2016
Impact in Huckleberry Finn: the influence of Miss Watson
Huckleberry Finn is a legendary american adventure novel by Mark Twain, and is sought after for its satirical portrayal of racism, as well as its creative use of local color regionalism. The novel often depicts gradual character development, specifically seen in the main protagonist, Huck. There are many characters within the novel that have an influence over Huck. Sisters Miss Watson and the widow are employed by Mark Twain in conjunction to guide Huck, serve as his motivator, and to persuade him to be a better person. Mark Twain does this whilst incorporating satire in a way that makes Huck realize the faults in himself, Miss Watson, and the widow, which leads to a dynamic shift in Huck’s actions and morals, benefitting himself and society as a whole. Comment by Renee McGill: capitalize Comment by Renee McGill: no comma Comment by Renee McGill: Is this your thesis? Or is the next sentence your thesis? I'm a bit unclear about the argument to be proven and whether or not the last sentence of the intro. serves as the thesis or as an overview of main ideas.
At the start of the novel, Huck is depicted by Twain as being a dirty, trouble making boy, “My new clothes was all greased up and clayey [Huck had snuck out with Tom Sawyer’s gang]” (20). The widow is often disappointed by such unsanitary and uncivilized mannerism and her sister Miss Watson recommends Huck prays, but when he does he never receives what he wants,”She told me to pray every day, and whatever I asked for I would get it. [Huck details how he once was given a fishing line but, it was useless, as it had no hooks] But it warn’t so” (21). This idea of asking for everything is used by Twain to expose how much gross misinterpretation surrounded religion at the time, and how people were skewing religion to their own selfish desires. Twain exerts this satire to conjure a centripetal force which encourages readers to examine religion in a more truthful, non-perverted way. In this sense, Twain’s underlying message relates much to Martin Luther, who rejected and fought corruption within the Late Medieval Catholic Church. Miss Watson attempts to instill this broken system of religion into Huck, to shepherd whom she sees as a lost and gullible boy,”The widow cried over me, and called me a poor lost lamb” (12). Huck ultimately rejects the guidance that the two women provide due to his lack of comfort with conformity, which in turn adjusts Huck to looking at the world through a different lense. Huck’s new view is much more mature and cultured, as it...

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