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As Mike arrived at the end of the hallway, he looked on the left side and saw the door to room 1408. The door was different then all the other doors he had seen along the hall; it was slightly bigger and the color was different. All the other doors were black and freshly painted while the door to room 1408 had an old greenish color and there was places were the paint had been chipped. Mike also had a hard time seeing the number of the room since the paint was slightly faded away. When Mike inserted the key in the door handle, his heart was beating as it never had before. Even if Mr. Enslin was afraid, he turned the key and swung the door wide open leaving it to produce a squeaky, irritating sound.
He entered the room and opened the lamp that only produced a dim light. Mike then placed his overnight case on the floor and shut the door. He walked farther in and saw two doors, one was the washroom and the other one was the closet. Mr. Enslin then took out his Sony minicorder and started to describe what he observed. On the walls, there was an amber colored wallpaper with some dark stains, and the floor was wooden, making a cracking sound every time someone stepped on it. In front of the window, there was a long and silky burgundy curtain. The room did not have much furniture either. There was a queen sized bed white cream colored sheets, one average sized lamp, an old phone, two red sofa chairs, a coffee table, a little refrigerator and a toaster which was placed on top of the coffee table. In the room, there was also two framed pictures. One was a picture of an old town and the other picture was a small family on a farm. Mike had also realized that the room had a particular smell; it smelled like an old basement that had not been washed in years. Room 1408 ended up being comparable to any other room he went into, but there was a chilling feeling in this room that made it seem like someone was constantly standing behind him.
After observing the room, Mike went to get a glass of scotch. He slowly opened the bottle and watched the liquid pour into his cup. He had not been impressed with this room since there were no signs of anything intriguing. When his glass of scotch was full, Mr. Enslin went to sit on one of the red sofa chairs. Not realizing how deep the chair was, Mike sat down too fast and spilled all his scotch on his lucky Hawaiian shirt. Angry at what had just happened, Mike threw the glass of scotch leaving a deep crevice in the wall.
Mike then walked to the washroom to go wash his lucky shirt since he did not want to stain it. As he was walking to the washroom sink, he heard a deep whispering voice saying “get out now, you are intruding on my sleep. If you do not leave, I will kill your family and that is a promise I will keep.” Mike ignored that voice, thinking that it was only his imagination, and turned the knob of the washroom door. When he opened the door, he smelled a disturbing odor; it was a smell that was truly indescribable....

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