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The spermicidal activity of Elettaria cardamomum and Cuminum cyminum seed extracts has been studied to evaluate the effective concentration to immobilize and kill 100% of sperm within 20 s and the sperm function of rat is studied to find the effect on sperm membrane integrity. Sander and Cramer test was used to study the spermicidal activity of Elettaria cardamomum and Cuminum cyminum. Sperm viability and sperm morphology was studied using Eosin-Nigrosin staining technique. Stability of the extracts was studied by storage of extracts at –20C. Under the test conditions, minimum effective spermicidal concentrations for Elettaria cardamomum and Cuminum cyminum seeds extract are 1 mg/million sperm and 5 mg/million sperm respectively. The effect of extract on morphology and viability of sperm was also studied and no change was observed in morphology of head, mid –piece and tail and no viable sperm seen. The effect of different concentrations of extracts of Elettaria cardamomum and Cuminum cyminum on percentage motility of the sperm was also studied. With an increase in concentration, there is a linear decrease in percentage motility, becoming zero at 1mg and 5mg dose respectively within 20 s. The effectiveness of lyophilized aqueous extract of Cardamom and Cumin seed extract does not change with time after storage in the deep fridge at -20ºC for 4 months.
Keywords: Elettaria Cardamomum and Cuminum cyminum, perm-immobilization, sperm viability, spermicidal.

Several methods have been used for induction of infertility over a long period of time including chemical, hormonal and immunological approaches. Medicinal plant products have a long history of their use in India as well as other countries. Fertility regulating plants and plant products has been used as contraceptives to limit the family size. However studies have been carried out using Triptergium willfordi in China and neem oil in India to find the potentiality for anti-fertility/ spermicidal activity.Plant products have been used for pregnancy interruption in traditional medicine world wide. It have been reported several plants as more active anti-fertility agents however documented experimental data on anti-fertility plants are very meager [1-2]. It is therefore of our interest to investigate the spermicidal activity of Elettaria Cardamomum and Cuminum cyminum seed extracts in albino rats. Research on Indian plants with anti-fertility activity has been reviewed by Reviewer [3, 4]. Isolated and independent studies by different investigators and institutes on these topics have been continued. Twenty eight plants and about the same number of isolated materials have been reported to have shown anti-fertility activity [1]. Chaudhury and Haq, on the other hand have listed plants with more than 60% anti-fertility activity in species like Aristolochia indica, Curcuma longa, and Embelia ribes [5]. Kamboj and Dhawan have listed 16 plants as more active anti-fertility agents viz Abrus precatorius,...

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