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16 Going On 16 Essay

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16 Going On 16This is memoir is about a girl wanted to grow up very fast. She started to read her mother beauty magazines when she was just 10 years old. She was hypnotized by the pages of the magazines. She want to be just like the models she had seen in the magazines.At the age of twelfth the girl was already in six grade, and she subscribed to Seventeen magazine behind her parents back. And when her mother found out, she was furious. The girls mother said that she should at least be seventeen to be reading those magazine with information filled about boys, hair and make-up tips and how to dress, which together combined the meaning of a life for the middle-school girl.All the girl wanted her whole life was to grow up, she wanted to be more mature then her own age. She just could wait to wear high heels and mini scouts and heavily make-up to school. But when her dad realized that she wasn't acting her own age (twelfth), he started to freak out. The girls dad started the check the clothes, the make-up and everything she would wear every day to school. But the girl always managed to sneak cloths and make-up by her dad with out him knowing. And when she got to school every day, she would go to the bath room and change her cloths and put make-up on, and when it was time to go back home after school, she would go to the bath room again and wash the make-up off and change her cloths again so her father wouldn't notice.The boy in school noticed her a lot, especially the boys she wasn't attracted to. And the boys that she liked didn't even pay any attention what so ever.Before the girl turned fourteen, she has already had 5 boyfriend, well like she say's. Because they would only hold hands. And when a month or two went by she would leave them because they weren't the type of "man" that she was looking for. The type that would treat her like a princes and have romantic lunches with. Well that was what she has read in the magazine about men and boy friends.The girl gave her first kiss to a friend down the street that was moving to an other state. She thought it was the right time for that first kiss. But she didn't like it at all, because it wasn't romantic, or good, it was sloppy and gross. She didn't even liked that boy. She regretted kissing him, because that was when she realized that just gave her first kiss to a boy that she wasn't even in love with.When the girl...

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