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17th Century China: An Influential And Powerful Empire This Essay Was To Be One That Compared Two Major Empires From The 17th 18th Century And How Significant They Were To The West And The World.

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There were many different stable and wealthy empires in 1680, filled with flourishing economies and powerful leaders. As an influential and growing empire, China was deemed to be the strongest among the many other nations that existed in the 17th century. In order for acountry to be truly successful and powerful, it must meet certain criteria. An empire must be unified, led by a strong government that satisfies its people's needs. To meet those needs, an empire must be a prominent source of trade to benefit and support its economy. In order for a country to succeed, it must have advanced technology and be independent, abandoning eliance on other countries for security. The empire of China met all of these criteria andproved itself to be among the world's greatest powers in 1680. Some may argue that Russia and the Ottoman Empire were extremely important nations of power during the 1600s, but these empires had many flaws that proved to weaken their economies and social systems. Rich in goods and wealth, China was an empire that truly influenced the West, and proved to be extremely powerful during the 17th century.In order for an empire to be stable and secure, it must first be unified. China was one of the first unified empires, dating back to 202 BCE. Unification creates an opportunity for stability which in turn promotes the development of a strong empire. This stability affected thepeople of China positively through advanced governments and technology that only a strong empire could achieve. A symbol of China's unity and strength as an empire is The Great Wall, which served to protect itself against the nomads. It still stands today, symbolizing theindependence that China had in the 17th century, as an empire without reliance on others. As a unified territory, China was able to achieve a strong government, and contained influential and powerful leaders that would make important decisions on behalf of the people.To ensure that the people of a certain area are being represented properly, a strong government must exist within that location. A government serves to protect the rights of it's people, and to adhere to their basic needs. The Ming dynasty developed a strong government in the mid 1300's, which paved the way for the future stable governments that were necessary to ensure China's political and social success. Confucianism, an important and popular religion in China, greatly influenced those who made up the Qinq government in China. This religion believed that when the dynasty looks after the welfare of it's people, then the government is Qing "All Under Heaven", meaning the whole known world. The aim of Confucian education was to train those who wanted to work in the government, ensuring that they would work for the good of the people of China. In the seventeenth century, Asian governments adopted seclusion policies, which restricted foreign trade and Christianity. Through this restriction of relationships with Western countries, China...

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