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18 Reasons Why A Shopper Abandons Their Shopping Cart

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A judge pounding down the gavel declaring, “GUILTY as charged,” is unnecessary. You are guilty of this, I am guilty of this, and in fact, every shopper is guilty. The crime we are all guilty of…spending time shopping on a website, finding products and hitting the ‘add to cart’ button, only to not go through with purchasing those products. Instead, items stay in the shopping cart only to never find their way to a loving home.
That abandoned shopping cart is a lot like the “island of misfit toys,” in the Classic film, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, except the products left behind live on, “Cyber Island of abandoned shopping carts.”
Why, oh why, do people not go through with the purchase transaction?
“The Average Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate is over 65 percent,” more than half the visitors shopping online never convert to a sale.

What causes shoppers to jump ship at the time of checkout?
Many unknown reasons exist, but today’s post covers 18 of the main reasons why a shopper is leaving products in an online cart without finalizing the sale.
1. Too High Shipping Costs
2. Not ready to make Purchase
3. Too High Product Price
4. Shipping Costs unclear
5. No Guest Checkout
6. Complex checkout process
7. Extra tax charges
8. Not enough Payment choices
9. Website load time too slow
10. Too much personal info required
11. Not enough shipping options
12. No coupon code box at start of process
13. Too many Up-Sell deals during checkout
14. Coupon code doesn’t work
15. Website crashed
16. Customer info lost due to submission error
17. Confusing layout
18. Distrustful of store security

The problem is not the Shopper it’s the Website:
The majority of time the principle of less is more comes into play during the checkout process of an e-commerce site. People do not like over complicated things, nor do they enjoy feeling misinformed.
For instance, a shopper is excited about the deal she/he found online, they place the product into the cart, they hit the checkout button, and shipping costs are an additional $25.00. Whoa! Wait a minute! Spending $72.00 was okay because of the discount, but now the final price is almost $100.00. Click, “I didn’t really need that product anyway.” They leave the site with a negative feeling, which means they probably will not return.
If a website is experiencing a high percentage of shopping cart abandonment, or bounce rate, it’s time for an audit. Out of the 18 reasons people abandon their shopping cart is due to website issues, not personal issues (although, sometimes this is the case).
Items to change for better a Shopping Experience:
Simplify the shopping experience, one of the reasons people abandon their carts is because the website requires them to sign up or share too much information. People are in a hurry, especially if they are trying to make a purchase via their smartphone.
Offer guest checkout & sign up after the sale is made. There is a slight chance the shopper has already purchased from the site, does have...

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