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18 Year Old Adult Or Child

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18 Year Old Adult or Child

This is a letter to my parents, and to every eighteen-year old’s parents in the
nation. We are the youth of America, and we need to be heard. As i sit down at my
computer and begin to write i would like to make one thing very clear to all who read this:
I write from the standpoint of , with support from a few experts, but no one else.
There are many things involved in upholding a healthy, and loving relationship with
your child when you are the parent of an eighteen year-old. To some, your children are
treated as adults, but to you they are still children. As that child goes away to college, he
or she becomes independent from you for the first time ever. This independence brings on
a lot of changes in a parent-child relationship, and thus makes communication very
difficult You are different from them, both in age and in experience and you are biased
twords some of the new things they begin to see and experience in the world. This bias
brings in confusion, usually at which both parent and child, break the communication line.
However, in some cases, such as mine, that communication line is open. this poses as a
threat to you as parents because of the maturity and diplomacy we can now bring into
conversations, and even arguments. The issue here is three-fold: As your children we
would still like to be loved, as your friends we would like to be informed, and included in
important decision making processes, and as individuals we would like to be trusted and
left alone at times. I believe that the reason most parents find it very hard to treat thier
children as they age with more individuality is three-fold as well. First, parents are very
different from children in the generation time continuum, this diversity in age makes it
harder to empathize with today’s issues and bias can more easily come out of this than
understanding. Second, parents are seeing maturity outright these days. This maturity
comes through most in different types of language children begin to use with thier parents,
which at times parents may find inappropriate. This ties into the third reason which is an
ethical consideration parents are forced to make as to at what point thier children are
grown and no longer can be looked down upon in an authoritative manner. Although
many parents try to smooth things over with thier children when they come home for
breaks just to find over summer that they have been in denial, most parent realize quickly
that they are losing thier children to thier own individualities. If i write this paper for one
purpose let with the purpose of illustrating to you, our parents, what we need as your
children in order to become competent adults.
Many of you parents will take on the responsibility of weighing out the ethical
parental role and where it should cease, vs. the natural role. In all of the animal kingdom,
mothers raise thier young to have survival, and social skills, once that...

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