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1920s Technology Essay

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1920s Technology
The radio revolutionised the way families spent time together and receive information. The movie theaters had an impact on how people forgot about the depression and made life seem better. Many homes in the 1920s also just got access to electricity while many homes were still lit by candle light, but became more prominent as the time period continued. Labor saving appliances of the 1920s made the household chores easy to accomplish than it used to be. The 1920s was enriched by many technological achievements that helped changed the way americans communicated, managed their health, and partook in leisurely activities.
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Guglielmo Marconi, an italian inventor proved that radio communications was possible and he sent his first radio signal in italy in 1895. The first commercial radio station opened in 1920 and by 1922 3 million radio sets had been purchased. During the great depression the radio let families listen to the president talk in what he called “fireside chats”. President Roosevelt addressed the american people about 30 times talking about banking, unemployment, and fascism in Europe. Millions found renewed confidence and comfort listening to these speeches. Before the invention of the radio many Americans did not even hear or see what the president looked like. But now with the radio any american can tune in to listen to their president speak and represent their ideas.
In the 1920s motion picture was a new activity that many people could enjoy and forget the problems they had. The movie theater was entertainment for people that had lost it all in the great depression in 1929. The sales of tickets to movie theaters sored from 1920, when 40 million tickets were sold, to...

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