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Published in 1937, during the Harlem Renaissance, which was an African American Cultural Movement that took place in Harlem, New York from 1919 to 1940. Their Eyes Are Watching God, Was one of Zora Neal Hurston's most famous novels. When it was first published there was a lot of controversy because of the way the dialogue was and the non-racism themes. When reading Their Eyes Are Watching God, two of Hurston's writer's voice traits that immediately stand out are her poetic writing style and her feminist attitude. When looking for similar traits in Harlem Renaissance music, Ethel Waters “Takin' A Chance on love” and Bessie Smith's “I Got What It Takes” complement Hurston's writing style and even emphasize some of her characters' in Their Eyes Were Watching God, making these songs a perfect match for a Zora Neal Hurston exhibit.
Its really phenomenal the way Zora Neal Hurston diffuses poetry throughout her novel. She often uses figurative language such as similes and metaphors to emphasizes specific points. An example of that would be when Janie finds Nunkie coquetry to her husband, TeaCake in the fields. Hurston writes "A little seed of fear was growing into a tree"(Hurston 149). Janie, who is not a jealous person feel jealously for the first time ,"the tree image deals with Janie's fear that she will lose Tea Cake to another woman. . . Janie's concern about how Nunkie and Tea Cake's relationship will grow"(Ash). Janie is scared and might even be wondering if it was the right thing to do when she took a chance with TeaCake. The line "Here I slide again, about to take that ride again. Starry-eyed again, takin' a chance on love." from Ethel Waters song “Takin' A Chance on love” is a excellent example of Janie's love life. Janie starts out married to Logan a man she never truly loved and she leaves him for Jody, a man who was mean to her and didn't treat her right. Finally she finds TeaCake who she thought was perfect until, he beats her and she kills him. When the lyrics say "Here I slide again" it symbolic to Janie falling in love with another guy and when it says "about to take that ride again" it's Janie leaving everything she knows to be with another man and “Takin' A Chance on love".
Not only did Zora Neal Hurston write Their Eyes Were Watching God, with a poetic writing...

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