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1944 Warsaw Uprising Essay

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Warszawskie Powstanie(This symbol represents the Warsaw Uprising)Dedicated to all those who shed their blood and tears in those 63 days of the Warsaw Uprising, and to those who showed the world what patriotism and love for their homeland meant. Thank you for all you've given us, as Poles, let us remember your legacy and your pain throughout the years, so that we may be able to cherish our culture and our dignity as a nation, for your sacrifice will never be forgotten.The purpose of all war is ultimately peace.-Saint AugustineThe Warsaw Uprising of 1944"Go, passerby, and tell the world thatWe perished in the cause,Faithful to our orders."The Warsaw uprising is said to be largest scale rebellion controlled by civilians. On August 1st, 1944, the Polish resistance known as Armja Krajowa (Homeland Army) went to the city streets of Warsaw and attacked their occupiers; the Nazis. Throughout the next sixty three days, the Polish partisans, who were rebels, fought with the courage and patriotism of true combatants and protectors of their home land. The Warsaw Uprising culminated 6 years of brutal Nazi occupation and systematic murder of the Polish population. There were many aspects to this tragic and powerful uprising. The historical background of this valiant uprising, its military aspects, and the impacts on the civilian population of Warsaw, are one of the many key points. The question will also be raised as to whether these heroic fighters accomplished any military or political success and ultimately answer the question as to whether the uprising was needed.On September 1, 1939 Hitler and his regime attacked Poland. The German attack on Poland began when the German cruiser Schleswig-Holstein while on a good will visit attacked the Polish fort in Gdansk. World War II started without an official declaration of war. The Germans along with their leader began their conquest of purifying Europe of Poles, Jews and all the other sub-human species that German ideology believed were unfit to walk this earth. The conquest of Europe was followed by a Holocaust.The German's conquest of capturing and occupying Poland came without much impediment. The Polish troops along the border tried to hold out against this massive attack, but they were outnumbered and overwhelmed by the heavy panzer divisions of the German army. Sixty Wehrmacht divisions launched an attack from four directions. The Germans were equipped with 2,600 tanks against the Poles' 150 and by 2000 modern war planes as opposed to 400 deployed by the Polish air force. The German forces had an upper hand in their invasion of Poland as they were highly developed in their field of weaponry, soldiers and a modern mechanized army. The Blitzkrieg tactics combed fast moving with tanks and superior air support, including the massive infantry was highly successful. The Polish army badly equipped was no match for the German war machine and had no chance to preventing this attack.Poland's fate was sealed by the...

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