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1950s Ideal Family Vs Todays Families

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Families Comparison EssayA family is a most precious identity a person can have. An individual from a noble, average or poor family can be distinguished by the character, acts, behavior, and living style. A person spends most of his time in life with the family and thus the family contributes the most in an individual’s growth, thinking and behavior. When we think of a western family, the standard nuclear family comes to mind, working father, stay-at-home mom and a flock of children. This is no longer the case, in the past 50 years the family has changed significantly and continues to change. These changes are greatly due to the equalization of women's rights and the massive expansion of available communications technology. In many families nowadays both parents work and when the children are young are put into daycare services that just were not around in the past. It is now worthwhile for both parents to work since many companies provide the aforementioned daycare for free. Women also have greatly increased earning potential since they are just as educated and will now make the same amount of money as men for doing the same job. Women are hired these days to do other jobs than to be secretaries and nurses. The families of 1950s are considered as ideal and are also known as “nuclear” families. It consists of a working husband, a housewife and their children mostly two in which the elder one is boy and the younger one is girl. The families of 1950s and mine have a lot of differences because of the change of culture in the society. They include the structure, role, values of education and outlook on future.The Structure of a family basically composes of a married couple that is man and wife with ideally two biological children in whom the older is the boy and the younger is the girl. There is no association of extended family with the family, thus the aunts, uncles and cousins are usually not the part of the family. However, in my family, I have my married biological father and mother with the six biological children including me that is, we are four brothers and two sisters. We associate with our huge extended family with many aunts, uncles, and cousins both males and females.The 50s ideal family composed of married parents that created a safe family unit during turbulent social times. The social pressure, economic dependence and stability helped to keep the family as a unit which is why the 1950s families are called as “nuclear families.” The television shows and sitcoms portrayed harmony and stability in two kids and that it was easy to raise two children. Since there was no extended family involved, the focus was only on the kids. Psychologists and government advised mothers to focus only on their own children. There was a housing shortage that brought all the family together. (34-35).In my family, my father and mother are married and in my culture the divorce rate is very low, so it is more like 1950s American family....

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