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Totalitarian Government In George Orwell´S 1984

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In the novel 1984, by George Orwell he writes about the dangers and at the possibilities of what a totalitarian government could possibly be like. He confronts us with a dystonic world with no liberty or privacy. Big brother, the all-powerful has total control over everything, including people lives, education and way of living. In the novel everyone is always in constant fear, paranoia, nervousness of been exposed, arrested and vaporized. Vaporization is a form of torture used by Big Brother to reeducate a person they deemed as the guilty on how to be a proper and loyal citizen. Which is later used on Winston Smith for deifying Big Brother?
There is a quite a lot of relevance and connection to our world and Orwell novel that is displayed daily. We can start with the United States where as in the novel; the brother hood uses tele-screens and hidden microphones across the city to monitor its member’s daily lives to make sure that every citizen acts accordingly. The United States use surveillance cameras, wire taps, and satellite and other sorts of means to monitor our citizen on a constant day to day basis due to fear of terrorist attacks and other tragedies from happening. But I think it's a great way to induce public safety for the general population where most Americans see it as a wrongful way to maintain public order.
In other parts of the world such as North Korea where totalitarianism is in full effect in everyone’s daily lives. It is one of the countries who are sometimes referred to as the hermit kingdom, where they willing wall themselves off, either metaphorically or physically, from the rest of the world. As Big Brother controls the nation and is seen as the leader in the book, the Kim family has been in charge of Korea for the most part since after the communist movement in the early part of "COLD WAR". North Korea is backed up by the full might and loyal military system, which the 4th largest army in the world. The daily life of people is routine and constantly repeated such as 6am national anthem played daily. The same uniform is worn by the North Korean citizen, and one form of newspaper written by the government. Just as described by Orwell in 1984, with their daily morning routine of work and exercise schedule no matter what happens on that day to one form of newspaper written by the government? Furthermore this was based on pure judgment on possibility of it happening, when Orwell wrote the book. Which was before the Korean War and full establishment of the communists system in North Korea?
Overall I have many different reactions to the book. But I think that Orwell feared communism and how distortedly cruel it can be. Communism can be oppressive due to corrupt leaders, but can be very good for a nation, such as Cuba for example with a 98% literacy rate. ...

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