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1984, A Possible Reality Or Dystopian Absurdity

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Society has made technological advances all in the name of security and convenience, but have these advances threatened our freedom and intelligence. In George Orwell’s 1984, the Party has control over all information and uses its telescreens to spy on party members. Also in 1984, Newspeak was created to limit language and in essence limit thinking. In many instances our technology and psychological methods in the 21st century are used similarly to the technology and methods used in the novel 1984. Are we as a society through our own devices such as CCTV’s and the NSA, social media and texting, and our human instinct to follow the crowd creating an imminent 1984?
Surveillance was a necessary system in 1984 and has become a necessity for society today. The NSA started its warrantless surveillance as a counterterrorism attempt after the 9/11 attacks and was initiated by the Bush administration. The NSA was listening in on domestic phone calls and Americans international e-mails without warrants and in essence was violating laws set by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Savage). Although the NSA had corrected its warrantless surveillance, it shows how the government has the capability to hear and read any conversations. The surveillance provided by the NSA is for the security of the nation, but who’s to say all of it is just. Acting as telescreens without the ability to project neither video nor audio, CCTV cameras have become such a common site that we don’t pay much attention anymore that or actions are monitored at all times. Today there is no such thing as privacy, and whether one is out obeying laws like most citizens or committing crime he or she has no choice but to be watched. Overall the CCTV cameras are there to deter crime and are used for investigation if needed. According to the Surveillance Society UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) could become a common site in the sky watching above, and not only will there be “eyes in the sky” but even more CCTV cameras may be implemented for the use of “Facial Recognition” (Ball). This kind of surveillance is unnecessary for a government that calls itself a democracy, and brings to light the question; ‘who is the government afraid of?’ In 1984 the Party had to result to “thought police” in order to deter its members from insubordination. Surveillance is definitely getting out of hand and over the top, but it truly is not 1984 and the government does not have the intentions of eliminating all opposition. Also, the NSA’s ability to “listen in” and CCTVs can prove to be useful tools to prevent future crime.
We have created our own Newspeak through the lingo and slang used in texting and social media and many see it s a “dumbing down of language” (Lytle). Language is essential to communication in society, it’s not rocket science, and without language we can’t have any thought. This is all just an exaggeration of what texting lingo and slang could do, but what might the party members of...

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