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1984 And 9/11 Essay

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Many people believe that the United States government and its agencies are hiding vital information from the public concerning the attacks on 9/11. There have been many conspiracy theories that doubt what the government tells the people happened and what really happened. Like in the book 1984, I believe that the government is altering the truth in order to keep social dominance and order in the country. By the use of many techniques and manipulation, the government hopes to keep its agenda a hidden secret. Their lies cannot be hidden forever as people uncover the truth with facts that cannot be denied. The conspiracy’s surrounding 9/11 look into the possible motives that could be fueled by economic, military, and political agendas.
Media is the fastest way to get a reaction out of people. Much of society has been trained since youth to easily believe everything they see or hear to be true. Information is often accepted unchallenged without giving much thought as to what they are actually allowing into their mind’s conscience. The information is delivered through different forms of media including television, newspaper, magazines, and the internet in the form of online blogs, articles, and videos. The United States government and private parties planned to manipulate the widespread reaction of the media to fuel a bonfire that had been built long before the Twin Towers fell. The footage of two American icons, the Twin Towers, and phone conversations made during the attacks were made widely available the day of 9/11 masking this bonfire to make it appear as a shocking terrorist attack on the United States. The truly shocking reality was that the terrorist attack wasn’t a surprise, it was allowed to happen, and the destruction and lives lost was escalated by our own government.
So the United States plotted September 11, 2001, allowing an attack on our country and escalating it to historic tragedy that shouldn’t have happen, just to get a reaction out of the people of its country. But immediately the truth surfaced without much work, and after the initial shock passed people began to rightfully question the government’s story of what happened. They told everyone that nineteen hijackers crashing planes into two towers caused the collapse of the three sky scrapers. Americans immediately asked where the U.S air defense was that particular day, and how it’s possible for hijackers to take over planes from well trained pilots. But those questions were acceptable for the moment unanswered. One point that could not be overlooked without answers was World Trade Center 7. Being that it wasn’t hit by a plane, and collapsed in a suspicious way that day drew some attention to it as it had possessed too elegantly the characteristics of a demolition. The visual footage of the building collapsing quickly drew the attention of demolition experts and scientists eager to explain how ridiculous what they saw was to the general public. Scientists quickly compared the...

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