1984 And Walle Themes Essay

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Walle and 1984 Themes: A warning

By reading the works of affluent authors who are aware of where government order and
technology may lead, a reader can ascertain this knowledge as a warning. George Orwell, the author of
1984 and Andrew Stanton, christian film director of the movie Walle, do well in encouraging readers to
expect the unexpected. The two works also share many corresponding themes. George Orwell, formerly known as Eric Blair, writes about a totalitarian government that controls everyone. In Orwells's prediction of 1984, the government controls history, psychologically manipulates, and uses propaganda to control people's minds (1984). In Walle, dependent overweight individuals evacuate earth aboard an aircraft called the Axiom because earth has been destroyed by an over accumulation of waste. Robotic technology is used for everything by the humans. Buy n Large controls the axiom while waiting for earth to be inhabitable again (Walle).

The theme of technology in Walle can relate to today's approach of technology takeover. Today's
world involves the use of technology taking place of humans in factories. About 320,000 industrial
robots have been sold in the last two years. Employment is going down while productivity is
continuing to increase (Rotman). Robots such as Burn-E, carry out everyday tasks that a
worker today would do by hard work. Technology physically controls the people in Walle. The hoover chairs transported the humans everywhere and made them overweight (Walle). In 1984, Winston, the main character is controlled by the television screens throughout the whole city. The ruling party also uses television screens to monitor and wake the people every morning with exercise requirements (1984). If people were to disobey the party or even have a bad thought against the ruling party, they were punished brutally. By punishing the disloyal individuals to the party with physical torture, the ruling party controlled the disobedient individual's reality (Themes). Orwell shows the control of reality when Winston is convinced by O Brian that two plus two equals five after being tortured by his worst fears (1984).

The definition of a totalitarian government is a political authority that exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life (Dictionary). Orwell exhibits a totalitarian government by using examples of psychological manipulation, physical control, control of information and history, technology, and language as mind control in his works (Themes). In current civilization, the government is, trying to pass laws to ban guns, controlling all health care, and is monitoring people via cameras and satellites. The privacy of people in today's world is dwindling. America is a country that is very slowly leading towards totalitarianism and may need to take heed in warnings of past literature. Obama-care...

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