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1984 & It’s Presence In The Modern World

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1948 was quite a terminal year for the strained relation of America and the U.S.S.R. The Berlin airlift was in full-course and the Soviet Union was trying their hardest to obstruct the foreign aid. Tensions were high, and many people the world over felt that war was imminent. 1984 jumps 36 years in the future and proclaims that the world is divided into three super-nations. So large that one nation cannot topple another. In a constant state of war. Never at peace because dictatorships cannot exist during times of peace. We can observe some aspects of 1984 today in fact.
Internet surveillance being the most obvious. Many people are worried that the NSA, National Surveillance Agency, is just ...view middle of the document...

The other members being Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course, the United States.2 That is only the most obvious connection of the modern world and 1984. We’ve only just jumped into the rabbit hole.
America has always had a history of depriving its citizens of personal liberties. One of these violations being the Military Commission's Act. When Obama was running for president for his first run, he made promises to “shut down Guantanamo”. Early in his career as president, Obama places a executive order to halt commissions at Guantanamo. This order allows the review of all people in Guantanamo. However, only a few months later after pressure from officials of both the Defense Department and National Security, Obama makes a U-turn and resurrects the Bush-era military commissions. Months later a congressional hearing was in progress and former prosecutor Lt. Col. Darrell Vandeveld testified that the military commissions system was “broken beyond repair.” He went on to say, “The military commissions cannot be fixed, because their very creation - and the only reason to prefer military commissions over federal criminal courts for the Guantanamo detainees - can now be clearly seen as an artifice, a contrivance, to try to obtain prosecutions based on evidence that would not be admissible in any civilian or military prosecution anywhere in our nation.”3 Another shining example was the case of the underwear bomber. Obama said that he’d allow the case to go on trial in a public setting in downtown New York. However, shortly after this was announced a campaign was launched to force the military commissions on the underwear bomber. Shortly after, Mayor of New York City, Bloomberg withdrew support for the trial citing costs. The Justice Department was then ordered by the white house to find a new venue for the trial. However, shortly after Barack was tasked to find the a new venue, politicians fought hard and...

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