1990, A Year Where Real Music Had Its Real Downfall With Violence And Corruption. Includes Part Of Lyrics From One Of Tupac's Songs

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The music rap only a decade and a haft old , finally notice bythe world in 1990 as real music had has its real downfall withviolence and corruption that surounds this new kind of music.Its gotten so bad 1/20 people that listen to rap hasrun into the law that been influence by listening to music.Thatin order to stop all this violence that involves rap we mustlearn to understand were their coming from why the offendinglyrics. 2 years ago a rapper named Ice Cube(O'shea Jackson)sang at a concert where he had to take violence towards a koreanThis started a riot after his concert,that resulted in a dozen ofburned korean shops. This was a big misunderstanding, so ispeoples view on rap music. What ...view middle of the document...

Rap performer just sing aboutsongs with message that not all people live perfect lives withperfect familys. Some rap singers are actually grateful forgetting off the streets , and doing something with their lives.Some don't even get off the streets, do you know that little kidsgo around the corner and see the local dopeman with foreigncars,women swarming all over them, and cash flooding from theirpocket,then the kid goes home and see their motherfather comminghome from work with a couple bucks in their hand. Now tell whatdo you think the kid is going to decide what he's going to do fora living?. The problem isn't about the language its aboutunderstanding.Rappers must also stay out of trouble so they would not scar theyreputation. Rap is already a controversial music, it just makesit worst when haft them are out there commiting. Snoop DoggyDogg faces life in prison on conspiracy murder charges,the grammywinning Snoop had he's many run ins with the laws.March1993,Tupac Shakur was arrested for assaultingMenace II Society director Allen Hughes after an argument inL.A.Seven months later, Shakur arrested accused ofshooting two off-duty officers in Atlanta.Police charge Shakurand two members of his entourage with sexually assaulting a 20year old woman. Police found a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun andnearly haft gram of marijiuana, when they pull over 2pac forspeeding. Rappers out there are commiting crimes not realizingthat that lots of kids out their are loking up to them as rolemodels. Did you know that %20 percent of the population in NorthAmerica listen to rap, so thats a big number of people that rapperformmer are responsible for. Many rappers talk about streetslife, but lots of rapppers are out there trying to make the bigbucks. These rappers sing music about violence and corruptionbecause they know thats what sells around here. And big musiccompanys don't really care what rappers singing about, as long itbrings big bucks to them. Presidential candidate Bob Dole, Rep-Kan ,and other critics lauched a crusade to stop Time Warner fromselling 'Violence and sex degrading rap music'. After that timeWarner sold %50 percent of Interscope to MCA for $200 milliondollars. William J.Benette said instead of banning rap, theirare trying stop major companys to stop distrubuting rap and otherthings like movies and talk shows.It was NWA then, and Dogg Pound now their music sang abouthate, and police brutality. When people listen to this kind ofmusic there would usually be violence that surrounded it. RonaldRay Howard, who was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1992murder of officer Bill Davidson, said that a tape of Shakur's2PACALYPSE NOW was baring from his car...

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