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1993 And 2001 Attacks To The World Trade Center

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The attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, and the second attack in 2001 are the cases of terrorism that I have chosen to focus on because I believe that they are extremely significant. Both attacks happened during my lifetime, which makes them more personal, and also happened in the city where I was born. Both of these attacks are examples of terrorism because both attacks were violent and intimidating crimes that also had political motives. At first glance, both events seem very similar since they shared a target. In addition, in both cases the terrorists had planned to hit other targets as well, that ended up not being affected or taken down as planned. Also, as stated by Cline, “Both were conducted and planned by men of Middle Eastern descent intent on revenge against the U.S. and Israel's military action in the region” (Cline, 2013). Despite the fact that both cases share many similarities, they also have many differences. The first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 was less devastating that the attacks on September 11th, 2001. In the first attack, fewer people died and the plan was not as successful as the second attack. In addition, the first attacked used a car with a bomb, whereas the second attack used hijacked planes. Although people remember 9/11 for the attack on the twin towers, other important buildings were hit as well, whereas in 1993 the only target that was hit successfully was the North Tower of the World Trade Center. As stated by Scanlon, “the ability of terrorists to create an event which catches the media’s complete attention indicates another significant role the media play in disasters” (Scanlon, 2009). Therefore, the media plays a crucial role in terrorism because without the media, terrorists would not get the fame and publicity they want from their crimes.
On February 26, 1993, in New York City, at 12:17 pm eastern time, a truck pulled into the parking garage located below the North Tower and detonated a bomb (Cline, 2013). This attack had cruel intentions of taking down both the North and South tower, while also killing thousands of innocent Americans. Because the attack was not carried out perfectly, only six people died, but one thousand people were still left injured (Cline, 2013). The plan was not successful in the opinion of the actors because not all of the targets were hit, and the target that was hit, was not hit correctly. If the target had been hit correctly, both of the towers would have collapsed from the bomb, leaving thousands of people dead and the twin towers in ruins. This was the first attack of this kind that had been carried out in New York at the time, other than the attack on Pearl Harbor many years prior. The attack was made to instill fear in a city where many fearless people live. As stated by Cline, “In retaliation against United States' support of Israel and intervention in the Middle East, two men parked a yellow Ryder truck in a public parking garage beneath the World...

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